Glimmies Rainbow Friends Glimtree Review


If you have a little girl, chances are you have heard of the Glimmies™.

Glimmies™ are little star fairies sent by the moon to take care of “Glimmieswood” forest animals.

When it is dark, Glimmies™ magically light up the wood shining bright, creating a beautiful and magical light like a firefly.

Glimmies™ always shine bright at night and hide in the light… but held cupped in the hand they will also reveal their beautiful glowing and enchanting light.

Eliza was first introduced to Glimmies™ back in February and now there are new Glimmies Rainbow Friends to add to her collection which light up in the dark like the originals but their light also changes colour when they’re placed next to one another!


We were sent the Glimmies™ Rainbow Friends Glimtern House Playset and a blister pack to review.

Glimmies Rainbow Friends

The playset opens up to reveal the perfect retreat for your Glimmie™ friend to feel at home and rest her feet. Inspired by the enchanted forest and featuring a tree branch hook you can carry your Glimmie™ and home with you wherever you go. When it gets dark your Glimmie™ friend will magically glow when placed in her Glimtern home creating a magical fairy light for you to hang in your bedroom.

Glimmies Rainbow Friends

I have to admit that I did find the description slightly misleading as I expected the Glimmies™ themselves to activate the light, but there is a switch to slide which turns the rainbow lights of the Glimtree on.


If you place a Glimmie™ in the bottom part of the Glimtree, however, it is more shaded from the daylight so does light up

The Glimmies™ Lantern House is available from all good toy shops priced at £34.99. There are 12 Glimmies™ to collect across the Single Blisters, all representing a forest animal with its own distinctive colour and facial expressions!

11 thoughts on “Glimmies Rainbow Friends Glimtree Review

  1. Anosa says:

    I have a goddaughter who would love the glimmies rainbow, I need to check them out or get it for her upcoming birthday

  2. Oh my girls love Glimmies, they’ve got this on their Christmas list actually.

  3. Sally Akins says:

    I bet these will turn up on a lot of Christmas lists this year!

  4. What a lovely playset. My daughter would adore this. It looks so cute.

  5. These look really cute and are reasonably priced to be a great gift.
    (hubby helping out)

  6. Alicia says:

    These weirdly cute lol the toys they make these day are so innovative. Great review x

  7. I haven’t come across these before, but I am sure it won’t be long before my daughters are asking for them and they are popped onto the Christmas list!

  8. These are so cute! The lilac unicorn one in particular is absolutely adorable, it wouldn’t look out of place in my room lol!

  9. Talya says:

    This has to be their perfect present for a fairy loving girl – my daughter would love this!

  10. Mary Abbott says:

    Wow what a beautiful blog! Am going to subscribe x

  11. Kim Carberry says:

    I can imagine this been on my girls Christmas list….The Glimmie’s are very cute x

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