Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack Review

Slime is a big trend at the moment and Eliza has been desperate to get her hands on some.

I have seen many tutorials doing the rounds but have to admit that the thought of a shop bought one appealed more, so when we were offered the Glam Goo Deluxe Pack to review I knew she would love it.

The Glam Goo deluxe pack is all about making slime wearable by personalising your goo using the sprinkles, colours and flavour and adding it to fashionable accessories.

The Glam Goo Deluxe pack comes with a large resealable tub of clear goo, a scent bottle, 3 sprinkle tubes, 2 tubs of coloured dust, a stirrer, a ring container and the bag container.

Glam Goo

Our goo container was leaking in the box and the top layer of goo had solidified so I am not sure we had the best experience with it.

The idea is that you create different glam goo recipes using the ingredients in the box. You can make up your own or there is a selection of recipes in the instruction booklet to try.

The glitters had different names, cloud crunch is pearlescent, daydreams is silver sparkles but Eliza’s favourite was Unicorn Tears as it was so colourful.  The two coloured tubs of dust worked really well at colouring the clear glam goo and you could even add the violet vibes scent to make it smell nice too.

Glam Goo

The Glam Goo Deluxe Pack comes with a bag and a plastic ring which you can fill with the goo you have created. The bag allows you to keep your goo creations sealed inside but isn’t really suitable for any other use and the ring allows you to wear your favourite goo.

I have to admit we found the glam goo very sticky, rather than slimy,  but the kids had lots of fun playing with it and it kept them occupied for over an hour.

Glam Goo (RRP: £29.99) is available at all good toy shops.

Disclaimer: We were sent Glam Goo to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

11 thoughts on “Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack Review

  1. My little girl keeps asking for slime, I keep putting her off as I just know she will get it everywhere. This looks like a fun activity for slightly older girls (mine is 4) x

  2. My girls are obsessed with slime so this will definitely be on their birthday list!

  3. Kira says:

    My girls are totally obsessed with slime and everything gooey. Alessia has this and loves it 🙂

  4. Anosa says:

    I am trying to understand this slime craze as for me it’s totally weird to be honest but I do love they case it comes in

  5. I’ve seen this slime craze everywhere! The deluxe pack looks so cool! My daughter would LOVE the sparkles. I love that you can make your own. Such a fun experiment for kids. x

  6. Laura Dove says:

    My girls are slime OBSESSED and would go crazy for this! Slime AND sparkle? Amazing!

  7. Jon says:

    The slime craze seems all over Leeds. See stuff like this loads with kids are out and about! Pretty decent price this at £29.99!!

  8. A G says:

    This looks like a great gift for my niece, her parents are gonna love all that glitter 🙂
    is there an age limit?

  9. Talya says:

    I have heard that slime and goo is all the rage at the moment. We haven’t gotten into this yet so maybe we need to get involved!

  10. We’ve managed to escape the slime craze at the moment! But if they get into it, then this is the one my girls would love with all the sparkles!

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