Gift ideas your little ones will cherish forever

Birthstone Charm

Choosing the perfect gift for your little ones can be tricky, especially when it comes to selecting something meaningful that they’ll be able to cherish for more than just a few months. While you may often feel roped into buying them the latest must-have toy or gadget, it’s almost a certainty that they will lose interest sooner rather than later. So, this time around, why not treat them to something they will value forever? Here are three great gift ideas to make their next birthday even more special.

Create a bracelet

Personalised link bracelets are not only timeless accessories, but they are the perfect piece of jewellery to gift if you’re looking to give something that will also offer sentimental value. When it comes to choosing the bracelet, you can either fill it with a selection of handpicked charms and links or start simple with just a couple of designs. If you’re looking to start small then the best place to begin is with zodiac charms. Nomination have a great selection of link charms adorned with zodiac designs and individual birthstones that look stunning worn alone and will leave your little one with enough space to collect their own as the years go on. 

Start a scrapbook

Memories are made to be cherished so why not mark their next birthday by handpicking a selection of your favourite photos together and displaying them all in one place. Whether it’s in an album or scrapbook, just remember to leave space at the end for the rest of the moments you’ll share together.

Get crafty

If you want to gift your little one something extra personal, then why not try your hand at making a gift they can keep forever. Depending on your skills there are a number of different crafts you can try that will leave them with a gift worth treasuring. A simple or abstract design in water colour or chalk pastel is a great place to start if you don’t have a lot of confidence in your artistic ability. Alternatively, handcrafted quilts are another great homemade gift that have that all important personal touch. 

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