Gift Basket Ideas: Tasty Items for Your Favourite Chocolate Connoisseur

Hot Chocolate

If you are trying to come with an idea of the ideal gift for someone you want to show your appreciation or love to, chocolate is often the perfect solution.

It is a favourite treat for so many people and when you know that the intended recipient is a chocolate lover and a connoisseur of all things created from cocoa, it is a no-brainer to present them with a gift that you know they are going to really appreciate.

Here is a look at how to present that gift of chocolate in the best possible way and some inspiration on the treats that you can give them as a token of your appreciation or love. There are some tips on how to make your own unique gift basket, plus ideas for dressing the basket and inspiration for some extra treats to include with your chocolate items.

Go the extra mile

Giving someone a gift of chocolate in some form or another, whether it is a handcrafted bar of their favourite type of chocolate or a delicious hot chocolate drink that they can enjoy with some marshmallows and whipped cream, is always going to be a winning move.

You can take that gift-giving to the next level and work on presenting their chocolate in the best possible way.

The way to do that would be to put your chocolate gifts in a unique basket that you have created yourself. Don’t be daunted by this idea, you can easily create a beautiful presentation basket that has that personal touch and will usually cost less than the one you would buy in a store.

Getting started

If you have decided to give it a go and create a chocolate gift basket the first step would be to decide what sort of items you are going to give, as this will obviously make a difference to the size of the basket and the presentation.

Once you have picked out all the chocolate goodies that you are going to be gifting, you are ready to start creating the basket to put them all in.

You can pick up a tree bin really cheaply or you could search around for pot or basket that you have lying around. It won’t make any difference that you are repurposing an old plant pot because it won’t look like one when you have dressed it.

An assortment of tissue paper is next on your list if you fancy using several colours and this will be used to create plenty of layers inside the basket, which is the secret to a great presentation.

If you picked a tree bin or a coloured plant pot then it won’t need dressing on the outside. If you want to cover it use some wrapping paper, which could be used for the theme anyway if it is a birthday gift or a celebrating a certain event.

Winter warmer

The time of the year and the purpose of the gift will obviously make a difference to how you present and dress your basket, but one idea to work on is a winter-themed gift basket.

If you are giving a chocolate lover a treat they can enjoy when the weather is cold outside, you could use a scarf to layer the inside of the pot and hang over the edges. Add in a mug and a serving of their favourite hot chocolate plus a few other chocolate treats, and you will soon have a wintery gift basket that is going to hit all the right buttons with someone who is big on chocolate.

Only limited by your imagination

Chocolate is so universally popular it is the favourite ingredient in so many different products in addition to being all the various chocolate bars, truffles, and goodies that appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.

This means that you can put so many different items in your gift basket and make it totally unique as well as being gratefully received by the chocolate-loving recipient. You really are only limited by your own imagination, so think about all the things they like and see if you can find a way for all the gifts to complement each other.

A favourite CD or DVD would be one idea. Pop that in with the chocolate gifts including a luxurious hot chocolate drink, and they will have a ready-made evening of bliss to look forward to, all in your beautifully presented gift basket.

Scott Watson runs a gift shop and makes it his mission to help his customers choose a gift that their loved one is sure to love. He writes articles about gift giving, sharing his knowledge and ideas with an online audience.

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