Getting the right fit with Start-Rite Shoes

It is almost back to school time and time to start the hunt for the perfect school shoes.

I am really lucky that my kids feet grow slowly, but even I was shocked when we did our measurements over the summer to discover Sebby has gone up two shoe sizes, whereas Eliza and Isaac are just half a size up.

A Start-Rite survey regarding parent priorities revealed 80 per-cent of parents let shoe fitting drop to the bottom of the list when buying school uniform even though half of parents surveyed knew wrong size school shoes could cause their child future foot problems.

Thanks to lockdown, measuring your child’s feet has just got easier and you don’t have to have the pain of having them measured instore.

Start-Rite have three ways to measure your child’s feet from the comfort of your own home – plus a guide to help you check the shoes fit once they arrive!

You can choose a traditional plastic measuring gauge for just £12, a paper measuring gauge or my favourite – the innovative Click ‘n’ Fit measuring service, which uses photos of your child’s feet to quickly tell you their Start-Rite size.

We used the Click ‘n’ Fit service to measure Eliza’s feet and was then sent a pair of Bliss shoes to review.

The brand new Bliss shoe is a Primary School shoe which combines two of Start-Rite’s very latest innovation. It’s made from Vegan friendly textiles and adhesives, and includes the new Air-Rite technology – clever biomechanics designed to regulate air-flow to keep kids’ feet cool and healthy.

From my point of view, what really matters is that they are highly durable, water resistant and comfortable with padded ankles, plus they have easily adjustable rip tape fastening for easy shoe changes.

Eliza is a lucky girl as she has a choice of two pairs to wear to school, as we also have a pair of Impulsive II shoes to wear which we got in June.

The Impulsive II are a school lace-up for young fashionistas with their finger on the pulse. They have a super chunky sole and brogue detailing, with cushioned insoles to give lasting comfort and padded ankle support helps to stop rubbing.

Eliza loves to play football during her breaks at school and despite being worn for a month before they broke up, they still look as good as new. She also loves the ribbon laces.

I asked Eliza which shoes she prefers and whilst she loves the look of the brogues, she prefers the Bliss shoes for the ease of wear.

Have you bought Start-Rite Shoes before?

Disclaimer: We were sent the Impusive II and Bliss shoes to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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