Getting rid of Carpet Stains

Cleaning carpets

I am a firm believer that white wine should be drank and not poured onto problem stains whilst hoping for a miracle that it will get them out (it doesn’t work).

Having children that love the great outdoors, whatever the weather, they are forever traipsing mud and grass through the house despite numerous requests for them to take their shoes off and wipe their feet. It is particularly bad at the moment as they insist on having water fights and end up rolling around in the garden bringing all sorts in.

Then there is potty training. Having had three children potty train in the last 6 years, our flooring (and sofa’s) have taken a beating, especially in the early days. I have to admit that Sebby has done brilliantly as we are potty training him at the moment but we have still had a couple of carpet incidents.

Probably my worst carpet nightmare has to be the dreaded sickness and diarrhoea bugs though. My eldest boy especially was a nightmare and literally hung over his top bunk and was ill right next to his poor brother, all over the carpet below. Disinfectant is your best friend in these times but even that does not fully get rid of the smell, although I have found Zoflora is the best.

I have tried lots of different products on the market to help get rid of carpet stains with varying rates of success. My old cream carpet on the hall stairs and landing only lasted a couple of years because it was filthy and nothing, not even a carpet cleaner would touch the marks on it.

Note to self: Never buy a cream carpet again!

My top tips for keeping your carpets clean and fresh are:

  • Vacuum regularly to avoid soil build-up
  • Treat stains as soon as they happen as they are much easier to get out whilst they are fresh
  • Have a welcome mat at each outside door so people can wipe their feet
  • Have a no shoes worn in the house policy
  • Clean your carpets with a carpet cleaning machine every 12 months to keep them looking their best

Carpet Cleaning

My final tip – To get out the smell of urine / vomit, my tip is to soak up as much of the liquid with kitchen towel and then create a bicarbonate of soda paste by mixing it with a bit of water and then scrubbing into the affected area. Let the paste dry overnight and then vacuum up as the next day. It really does work if caught in time.

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration with Carpetright.


20 thoughts on “Getting rid of Carpet Stains

  1. Joy says:

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  5. Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing this especially for the bicarbonate solution.

  6. Krystal says:

    Very informative. I think carpet cleaning is the hardest household task. I actually don’t like but its not like I have much of a choice. My biggest problem is that I never have time to clean up stains before they set in. With small kids and pets, it becomes hard to track such messes. I often end up spending a lot more time cleaning up the already set in stains. Thanks for the tips..will definitely start being more proactive with carpet stains.
    Krystal recently posted…When Can I Put Furniture on Refinished Hardwood Floors?My Profile

  7. Elsa Leena says:

    Thank you for the bicarbonate solution. However, i was thinking of getting rid of some sport from my home carpet. But this is hard to maintain the carpet with kids around!

  8. I didn’t know about the bicarb trick at all. I’ll be giving that a go when we have our next accident
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…#ThomasStaysAtHilton at The Waldorf HotelMy Profile

  9. Ella says:

    Thank you so much for this tips! I was indeed looking for something like this to take a stain out of my favourite carpet

  10. This sounds great. I am forever trying to get rid of 1 carpet stain or the other.

  11. Anosa says:

    These tips are handy and timely for me, I rent an apartment which is carpeted everywhere and was thinking I need to clean it now since I have been in there for over a year and not really felt the need to do a deep clean
    Anosa recently posted…Summer Travel Must HavesMy Profile

  12. tots2travel says:

    I’m too ashamed to comment 🙂
    Good advice, if only I’d follow it.
    tots2travel recently posted…Hotel Profile – Atholl Arms Hotel, Dunkeld, PerthshireMy Profile

  13. Keely says:

    Thank you for the bicarbonate solution. Luckily I have hard floors through nearly all my house!
    Keely recently posted…Waterspotting Beach Watermarble Nail ArtMy Profile

  14. We’ve finally replaced our cream carpets with wooden flooring downstairs after one too many spills. Upstairs is still a work in progress though, so thanks for sharing these handy tips x
    Izzie Anderton recently posted…Win a set of Christian Lacroix Correspondence CardsMy Profile

  15. Cathy Glynn says:

    Fabulous tips, I also use biological washing powder if the dog or cat has an accident, it is supposed to stop them doing it again x
    Cathy Glynn recently posted…Favourite Films for the HolidaysMy Profile

  16. We’ve learnt our lesson and removed our cream carpets and replaced them with grey speckled ones. Now you can’t see the dirt 😉
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Magic Twirl Mim-Mim Plush Toy ReviewMy Profile

  17. Our house was carpeted in cream carpets from top to bottom when we moved in. Grrrr.. I keep trying to replace them one by one 🙂 Great tips ..
    clairejustine recently posted…Honey And Lemon Bars..My Profile

  18. And that’s why I’m glad our new house has dark(ish) carpet. It’s difficult to have light coloured carpets (as much as I prefer them) when you have a small child and pets who constantly leave dirt on them. Great tips, btw! 🙂
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…T’s Orbeez SummerMy Profile

  19. We’re lucky in a way – our rented place has lino down in every room bar the dining room and the main bedroom. The dining room one is constantly getting toddler mess thrown at it though…
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Review: Messy Me SplashmatMy Profile

  20. Zinzi says:

    Great post! Not sure how you can manage having light coloured carpets with kids around, even with those tips. I don’t have children, but I’m terrible for getting stains on lights haha!

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