Getting crafty at home: 3 winter projects


Winter is a fantastic time of year to snuggle down in your warm house away from the cold and indulge in a few of your favourite hobbies and craft activities. There are so many obvious craft activities to choose such as preparing cards and decorations for Christmas but why not try something completely different and challenging? Have a look at these three projects to try this season:

1)  Winter wonderland – If you’ve visited any large department shops or garden centres this winter you’ll have seen the amazing displays created by the staff that really take you to another world. So why not create your own winter wonderland? It could be a static display of a mini winter village, with little houses, people and Christmas trees or you could even include moving parts such as a train track. It’s great fun for the kids too and for any guest to admire. Have a look at Homecraft Craft Supplies for the materials to get you started and let your imagination run wild!

2) Winter mobiles – Fill your house with the best aspects of winter by making your very own mobiles or hanging displays of your work. To begin, think about your favourite parts of winter and what image the season conjures in your mind such as pink sunrises, snow and frost or even the lavishness of Christmas.

Once you have selected your theme choose your materials. You could sew pieces of felt together to create hanging decorations of icicles or snowflakes to a white and silver hoop to give a wintery inspired look. If you have very high ceilings you could use several different sized hoops to give your mobile extra depth or use crepe paper to hang down to bring the mobile to eye level. If you’ve got children let them have a go too, by adding their own painted cut-outs of snowmen or Santas.

Winter Craft

3) Homemade igloo – We can’t always guarantee snow over the winter season but we can create our very own winter sculptures – and even a milk jug igloo. Making any object using recycled material is great for the environment because it prevents these objects going into landfill.

This craft activity will require lots of patience because you won’t be able to start until you have collected a lot of plastic milk bottles. You can always ask your friends and family to help out with this if you want to speed up the process a little bit.

Make sure you thoroughly clean out the bottles to avoid unwanted smells and always replace the lids to keep these strong. Your next task will be to work out how big you want to make your igloo and how many bottles you’ll actually need to make this a reality. Once you are at this stage you are ready to start using a glue gun to join the bottles together. Build the structure from the bottom to the top until the whole igloo has been formed. Then, stand back and admire your work!

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