Fun in a child-size city where kids are in charge!!


Last weekend we were invited to Kidzania at Westfield in London.

Billed as a 75,000sq.ft child-size city where kids are in charge, I really was not sure what to expect but after initial nerves about joining in Isaac and Eliza adored it!

You need to book a slot to go in and we arrived 15 minutes before our time. We were then “checked in” at a British Airways style check in desk and given RFID security bracelets for each member of our party. These are issued to ensure your child remains safely within the City, and can only be checked out with you present. You are allowed to leave children aged 8 and above to go shopping however children under 7 must be supervised. They were also given 50 KidZos that they could use to buy experiences or things from the shop.


Once inside Kidzania it is like being inside a small city with 60 real life role-play activities to try. Four hours is not long enough to try them all but the kids tried their hand as a pilot and an air stewardess, firemen and even made their own ice creams!

As it was Halloween week there were zombies on the loose and the Kidzania Police, made up of kids, patrolled the streets and warned of zombie attacks.

Each of the jobs they tried gave them a real insight into working life, in a fun way. Some jobs paid them more KidZos and others that required more training, such as the Pilot, they had to “pay to train” and Eliza paid to dance in their dance studio where she learned the Thriller moves.


With the exception of the dance studio, you are not allowed inside each room to watch what they are up to, although we did get invited on to the Kidzania plane to see Eliza do her stint as cabin crew. All the rooms had large windows though so you could watch what was going on.


The best way to approach Kidzania is to make a decision about which activities the kids most want to try. A 4 hour slot gives you the opportunity to try between 4 and 6 activities and one of both Eliza and Isaac’s favourites was the Fireman. Not only did they do safety training but they got to zoom around Kidzania (well at walking pace) in a Fire Engine and put out a fire!!


Isaac also had a go at being an animator in the Pokemon studio and a surgeon performing a liver transplant in an operating theatre, whilst Eliza was a midwife helping to look after newborn babies.


Both Eliza and Isaac earned more than they spent and were keen to spend their wages in the shop. This was probably my only disappointment as they didn’t have enough to buy pretty much everything in the shop and came away with a plastic ring and a pen between them. However, if we were local and frequent visitors we could have joined their banking system where children can save their kidZos, request a debit card and manage their finances at the bank branch or through the ATMs in the city. Kids can open a personal savings account at any time during their visit to deposit and save the money they have earned for their work. There are some pretty good toys in the shop and saving KidZos is a great way of teaching children the value of money.

As for Sebastian, there was a toddler room where he could play, but we prefered to stay with Isaac and Eliza to keep an eye on what they were doing.

13 thoughts on “Fun in a child-size city where kids are in charge!!

  1. Ickle Pickle says:

    Wow what an amazing concept! I would love to take Pickle when he is a bit older. Great review. Kaz x
    Ickle Pickle recently posted…Big Blogger Christmas GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Kate Holmes says:

    My son went there with his Dad recently and loved it so very much. Good for learning and fun too. I hate how so many of these places mislead the children that they are rich and then the vouchers or whatever buy only tat.
    Kate Holmes recently posted…Tyre safety mattersMy Profile

  3. Lauren says:

    It looks like your kids had a lot of fun! We have been to Kidzania twice, and because all three are under 7 it’s a bit of an expensive trip because you have to pay for adults to get in too. I did think that the concept was good, but it’s a shame that when it’s busy they have to queue for so long, although once they got to do the activities they really enjoyed them. Once they are a little older and it doesn’t cost so much I think it will be a lot more appealing to us as parents!
    Lauren recently posted…Load up your lemons – top five clever cleaning hacks! #VaxBrandAmbassadorMy Profile

  4. Joanne says:

    Not sure if this appeals to me or not. Great detailed review though x
    Joanne recently posted…Interplay Bug Safari | ReviewMy Profile

  5. tanya says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! Definitely one to try out. What an experience.
    tanya recently posted…A home educating family – A guest post by GranmaMy Profile

  6. Sonya Cisco says:

    Looks like lots of fun, and they look like they had a whale of a time!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…A Walk In The WoodsMy Profile

  7. Mary Louise says:

    I have heard of kidzania many times but was still unsure as really had not read a detailed review like yours. Thanks for all the great pics. I am certain now my girl would love it!
    Mary Louise recently posted…5 Outdoor Adventures For A Family HolidayMy Profile

  8. Anne says:

    What a fabulous idea, it sound like your two had great day. It’s a shame they didn’t have enough to buy something more in the shop though. I can see my little man having fun here, I’m not sure about the girls but I think the Pokemon animation might sway them.
    Anne recently posted…What to do in BirminghamMy Profile

  9. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh wow what an amazing sounding experience. z
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Competition: Win a Gameband+Minecraft(TM)My Profile

  10. Jen says:

    Interestingly I have heard great things and not so great things about here. I wonder if it is as good for older kids
    Jen recently posted…Ultimate advent activity list 2015My Profile

  11. Erica Price says:

    It does sound amazing. I must admit I’m tempted to go as I think H would love it.
    Erica Price recently posted…Teeth Cleaning Can Be FunMy Profile

  12. This is a great idea! I hope Kidzania expand to other shopping centres too. It would be brilliant to leave the kids there whilst you get your shopping done – but even if your kids are under 7 and a parent has to stay, what a great way to break up a long shopping day for a kid!
    JuggleMum, Nadine Hill recently posted…Pampered Chef Mini Aero CheesecakesMy Profile

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