Fun, Educational Quizzes for Children

My kids love playing on all forms of technology and adore it when the teachers set homework on Mathletics or Spellodrome.

It always amazes me how much time they will spend on there, challenging each other or playing educational games with their friends or people from other countries.

As we approaching a 3 week break for the Christmas holidays, much as I think they do need a break, I also want to keep their brains ticking over so getting them to do some online educational games is a happy medium.

Education Quizzes are perfect for helping children to be successful at school with easy and enjoyable quizzes set around school curriculums for Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2), KS2 (Years 3 – 6), 11-Plus, KS3 (Year 7+) and GCSE quizzes.

Isaac especially has really enjoyed doing the Key Stage 2 quizzes and scored an impressive 9/10 on two quizzes on gas, liquids and solids which shows how much information has retained from his lessons at school……..even I got the one of the questions wrong and I loved science at school.

Education Quizzes

The quizzes are written by teachers and are aimed perfectly at children at each level. Kian and I had a history challenge with a quiz on WW2 and he beat me by knowing a Morrison Shelter was one inside the house without a cellar.

Eliza found her quiz a little more tricky, however, she is in Year One and has just started learning about the British Isles. To help her answer her questions, we got out an atlas so she could see which island was the biggest and work out where each country was. It was also fun to point out where we have been on our travels.

Isaac is also really interested in nature and spent ages looking at the at the Nature Matters blog on the site, which is packed full of interesting information about the world around us.

Nature Matters

He had been concerned about us having a real Christmas tree this year instead of an artificial one, but was reassured that they plant three new trees for every one they take down, plus they are actually more environmentally friendly than a plastic artificial tree.

Subscription to Education Quizzes is £9.95 per month and can be cancelled at any time, however, your school can sign up too at a hugely reduced cost, I have sent the details to our headteacher as I am sure this would be an amazing resource for parents, teachers and all the students.

We love playing games on Christmas day and I think we may have a family challenge to see who gets the best score………..I best get revising!

Disclaimer: Written in collaboration with Education Quizzes

15 thoughts on “Fun, Educational Quizzes for Children

  1. this is a great way to learn during the quarantine. I am surely going to recommend this article to my kids. Actually i was looking for some knowledgeable website for my kids, and luckily i found this article. thank you for that.
    Trivia questions recently posted…80+ stranger things trivia questions and answersMy Profile

  2. Higher studies have changed totally as compared to the 20th century. You explain it briefly but I think the advantages of technologies role is so important in all that changes. Through technologies, the attitude of professors and teachers change. And the student prefers practical more than reading. You did a great job. Keep it up!

  3. Rifat says:

    I have learned huge knowledge from here. I am waiting for your updates

  4. Hi. You may be interested in our free resources aimed at Year 6 and those children taking the 11 plus.

    Click here

  5. Anosa says:

    How nice that your kids spend more time doing educational quizzes. I do not have kids yet but when I was young everyday after soon dad had an assignment for us and it was nice discussing that with my siblings and doing it together
    Anosa recently posted…Five Things Week 7My Profile

  6. Alina says:

    Wait, they LIKE homework?? Haha. I can see that it can be a lot of fun though so don’t blame them, I used to love going to school when I was younger so I don’t blame them haha.
    Alina recently posted…How to Make a Glitter Christmas JarMy Profile

  7. tots2travel says:

    Learn as you have fun – bring on Christmas!
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  8. karen says:

    These look like they could help my daughter as she is behind at school because of learning difficulties so I trying to find more things she could do at home because to be honest her school isn’t helping much
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  9. This sounds like a great idea. My daughter would love it as she is in Reception, and is so enthusiastic about her learning at the moment and this would really help over Christmas
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  10. Ella says:

    YES! Doing this helped me so much to learn as a kid! I will definitely do this with my kids once I have them, of course! hehe xx
    Ella recently posted…5 Things To Be Happy About | Blogmas 3My Profile

  11. What a fab way to learn.
    Will definitely be popping over to the website to find out more 🙂

  12. What a fab website! I used to love doing quizzes when I was was younger, I still do now! Sounds like a really fun way to learn.
    five little doves recently posted…A bump in the roadMy Profile

  13. This sounds great. Perfect for setting the kids something fun to do when off school. My kids love quizzes 🙂

  14. Talya says:

    Oooh what a great idea – off to have a nosy!
    Talya recently posted…13 things I’ve learnt about starting a You Tube channelMy Profile

  15. Will check this website out 🙂 Great for keeping the little ones busy.
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…Need More Book Suggestions for Christmas? Here’s Three!My Profile

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