Free Methods of Pampering yourself

Are you tired of your hectic routine and want to take a break? Or you need some ‘me time’ to relax a bit. People usually have dreams of having some relaxing time in which they can go to a spa, could have a massage and other body relaxing activities. All this need money and time, so today I have come up with a list of activities that you can do to pamper yourself for free. By these, you will stay in your budget and will enjoy the way you want to. Pampering yourself is an important activity that you need to do and most of the people does not care about this. So let’s start from the methods, 


Pampering does not only means that you will not have to do any work, pampering involves the work that can give you a moment of relief. Declutter is an important activity that you should do if you are thinking about taking care of yourself. The more free space you will have in your room, the room space you will have in your mind. A well maintained room gives relief to the mind and you can feel more comfortable in your room. So start from throwing selling unwanted stuff, think about the things that you have not wear in the last year, the cloths that you have not worn. Sell or throw any additional beauty product that you do not use. Think about the stuff wisely because most of time we keep things without any reason, cloths that does not shine well and shoes that does not fit properly must not be kept in home. This activity will also help you to get some cash for pampering yourself.


After throwing away the extra stuff, the next thing that you need to do is that you should clean your house properly. A dirty house could never give you a moment of relief, you need to stay in a clean house in order to feel comfortable. You should throw away any extra stuff or any stuff that is going to end like any toothpaste or shampoo bottle. Wipe every portion of your house including the bathroom. 

Take a Bath

Now as you have cleaned your home it’s time for a bubble bath. Get the candles out in your bathroom, play the music you like and fill your bathtub with warm water. To add more colour in to your bubble bath, you can also drink a glass of wine to relax yourself. Make sure you lock the door properly, so that no one disturbs you. 

Face Mask

I am not talking about any of the fancy face mask that will need thousands of pounds. You should not go for the saloons to have a treatment, instead of that you should make your own face mask. With simple ingredients like avocado, oats and honey you can make your own face mask that will glow your face. You can check the internet for recipes to make a face mask, or you can try and get a free face mask from Mega Free Stuff which is a free stuff website. 

Scalp Massage

Now it is the time for your head, first you will have to massage your scalp, you will be amazed to know that how much a scalp massage can help you to relax. Like the face mask, you do not have to go to a saloon, massage yourself and enjoy. After massaging your scalp slowly and gently brush your hair. This may sound strange but this can help a lot to relax. By sorting out the little tangles of your hair, you can feel much more comfortable. 

Hands and feet

Now after cleaning yourself up, it is time for your hands and feet. Get some cream or a lotion and massage your hands. This will help you to feel soft and full of moisture. After massaging your hands, it is time for a manicure and a pedicure. Cut your nails properly and give them a proper shape. After cutting your nails, put your hands and feet in the warm water and after that use a cuticle stick to shape them well. Now it is time for a fancy nail paint, choose the colour that you like and will match your dress in the upcoming week. Put a base coat as it is important for the colour and shine and after that start painting. You should never underestimate the power of clean hands and feet. 


After cleaning yourself completely, it is the time to think about food. As you have done so much for yourself, now you deserve your favourite food. Cook something that you like the most and enjoy it with your favourite music to get a soothing effect. 

Do not forget to have a juice in your meal as it contains a lot of essential vitamins. You can use cucumber or lemon to boost your energy level. Make sure you drink juice that contains fruit to keep your energy level up.

The Atmosphere

After all this hard work, now you should relax a bit. Light candles in your home and enjoy your cup of tea or coffee in your favourite cup. Lighting candles will lift your spirits and will help your house to smell magical. 


After a day of pampering yourself, you need to pamper yourself in the night too. Pull out some fresh sheets for yourself or the one you find most comfortable. It will help you feel comfortable and sleep well, this may sound crazy to someone but I am sure if you follow this practice, it will help you relax a lot. Make sure you change the sheets before you get tired and as you are done changing your sheets make sure you sleep before your usual time. This is one of the cheapest type of pampering that you can offer to yourself. This can be difficult at times, if you have a family or work to do but after doing all the above mentioned activities, you must go to sleep before time. 

So, this was all from the cheapest pampering that you can offer to yourself. Let us know about your experiences, so that we can offer you better services.

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