Foxy Pants from Drumond Park

Foxy Pants

Here’s yet another novel table-top game from Drumond Park – that’s bursting with excitement and anticipation! Foxy Pants (age 4+, rrp £22.99, for 2-4 players) is set to be
hugely popular with little ones this Autumn with its unbeatable combination of super-fast fun and a twist of dexterity.

Watch out for the dastardly Fox who sneaks around the chicken coop, looking to fill his pockets with sleeping chickens! But once Foxy’s pants get too full of the stolen hens, watch as they suddenly disappear before your very eyes, as if by magic!

The chickens are sent flying across the table…

Now, let’s see who can react the fastest, nimbly gathering up the most chickens (using one hand only) – and be the first to fill their chicken coop?

This hilarious game is simple to set up – you just lift Foxy’s arms up, turn him upside down and pull the string which will release his trousers. Pull them up around his waist and push his arms back down – then place him in the middle of the playing area, put the 21 Chickens together next to him and give each player a Chicken Coop.

Foxy Pants Game

The player who gives the best chicken impression goes first … and play continues clockwise. At the roll of the die, each player puts as many chickens in Foxy’s pockets as is indicated by the number rolled (1 or 2). At the end of each turn, the player must press Foxy’s head once (until you hear a clicking sound) and if nothing happens, play passes to the next child.

But watch out! Foxy is a sneaky, greedy kind of guy, and when his pants get full, they might just fall down! When they do – and believe us it all happens in an instant – all players must quickly grab as many chickens as they can, one by one and with one hand only, and place them safely in their chicken coop.

Each coop has 5 spaces – the first player to fill all the spaces in their chicken coop is the winner and that thieving Foxy is beaten once and for all! If two players fill their coops at the same time then both are winners.

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2 thoughts on “Foxy Pants from Drumond Park

  1. Kim Clark says:

    OMG my 3 year old seen the advert for this today for the 1st time. Iv never heard such an amazing laugh from her hahaha it was brilliant she thought it was absolutely hilarious. Would love to win for her. Loads of luck to everyone entering.

  2. Stef Acaster says:

    I’d play with my nephew

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