FourFit Mini Mini Kids Activity Band Review

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Regular readers of my blog will know that Isaac swims with a swimming club and recently he has been promoted to the next level.

This means that along with his normal swimming sessions, he does land training too which works on his core stability and stamina.

At the age of 10, Isaac is fascinated by how his body works and I wanted to get him something that would not only support his training, but his learning too.

The Fourfit Mini is a slim fitness band that has all of the features of the best-selling Fitband but made especially for kids (age 8+) and is the only kids fitness tracker to include heart rate tracking as standard!

The FourFit Mini comes in four colours, black, blue, pink, purple and aqua and tracks steps, activity, sleep (including what time they actually fell asleep), heart rate and also displays the time, so it can be used as a watch.

The FourFit Mini has a cool built-in USB charging capability – simply pop off the strap and plug directly into a USB plug for 25 minutes you’re fully charged. One charge lasts around 72 hours.

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It is really easy to set up and once you have downloaded the app, available on AppStore and Android as it automatically sets the time and date from your phone. As Isaac doesn’t yet have his own phone, we have set it up to run with mine, meaning I can set rewards based on completion of activity targets.

Isaac Profile

You can change the reminders to move in the app, so can adjust it for the school day and for weekends and holidays. You can even set an alarm to wake them up in the morning, or to remind them of an event and you can track their sleep if they are wearing overnight.

FourFit Mini

The FourFit Band doesn’t have to be connected to bluetooth to work, as it will transfer all workout data once reconnected to the phone!

Setting screen

It’s also splash-proof and mud-proof so you can send them outside to play without fear that it will be broken and is secured with a pin like clip on the band.

The only thing I can’t do with it is to add his swimming time in, but he is happy that it shows his daily steps and that he can see how his heart rates changes when he is doing physical activity. The Heart Rate is a really cool feature because you can track which workouts are right for you and which are not (fitness, jumping on a trampoline, jogging, etc).

Heart Rate

It is a really good tool to keep the kids interested in keeping active and if you have a child that prefers to spend time on computer games, you could set them activity targets that they have to achieve before they get to play games.

Exercise screenshot

Costing just £29.99 the FourFit Mini is a great way of getting the kids interested in keeping active and works as a watch too!!

Disclaimer: We were sent the FourFit Mini to review, all thoughts and opinions are our own

15 thoughts on “FourFit Mini Mini Kids Activity Band Review

  1. Jenny says:

    I’ve bought one of these… money gone, no delivery of product. No reply to email, Messenger or Twitter. Are you sure it’s a legit company?

  2. This is such a great idea and a great price too! My son is always on the go so would love this! He is also part of a swim club and swims four times a week as well as attending a cub scout group and football training. I may just have to look at getting him one of these for Christmas!
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Taking the #ACEforSchool Challenge with Britmums!My Profile

  3. These fitness bands are a trend nowadays for people with an active lifestyle. I love the fact that this one is for kids. Most of the kids are just on their gadgets and online all the time but with this, it will be a great way for them to be be motivated to be outside and be active most of the time. Good job!

  4. These are a great idea. I recently upgraded my fitness watch and wanted to set my old one up for my 12 yr old daughter. It was weird though as it wouldn’t let me, because she is a minor, but I couldn’t set her up with a child account as you have to use their child fitness band. Frustrating.

  5. This looks great, what a good idea for older kids who are into fitness x

  6. Anosa says:

    I had an adult version and absolutely love it, have another now and glad it checks my heart beat too and has other gizmos
    Anosa recently posted…13 Winter Fashion Essentials for WomenMy Profile

  7. Anne Fraser says:

    It looks very smart and a great way for you and your son to check he is getting enough exercise.
    Anne Fraser recently posted…What is bonfire night in England?My Profile

  8. He sounds like a fab swimmer! I think T is on her second badge. Her coach hasn’t mentioned anything about a third one, hopefully she’ll get it soon too 🙂

  9. Talya says:

    With kids getting less and less active these days this looks like a great way to motivate them to be more active and at a reasonable price too !

  10. What a great way to use technology to improve and track Isaac’s progress.

  11. Emma says:

    Oooh, this looks great and a fab price too!

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