Four ways to entertain your children at home

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The summer weather can be unpredictable, at best. Some days it is blazing sunshine and ideal conditions for a trip to the beach and the next day it will be pouring rain with blistering winds. This can be hard on parents who are trying to find ways to keep their children entertained over the summer holidays, especially if they are on a limited budget. These four activities will help keep your children out of mischief and entertained without breaking the budget this summer:

Redecorate the home

With lots of spare time, now is a good chance to get some home decorating done. Your children may not be able to wallpaper the walls, but giving them light and easy jobs will make them feel useful as well as giving them skills for life. Triple sleeper bunk beds, such as these ones from BedStar, are proving to be popular and there are lots of colours and designs to match many interiors. This will also help clear up space which could otherwise be used for games and activities with the children!

Arts and Crafts

Wander down to your local stationers and stock up on some card, colouring pencils and pens, and other crafty bits. These will save the day numerous times over the holidays as they can be used to make a variety of things. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration. It might be fun to ask the children to make you some greetings cards for friends and family’s birthdays throughout the year or just to create some new decorations for their bedrooms!

Bake some delicious treats

The new series of the Great British Bake Off will be starting soon and what better way to spend time with your children than by attempting to create your own delicious masterpieces. This will be a fun way to spend some time bonding with your children whilst providing tasty treats and some invaluable lessons about food preparation and safety in the kitchen.

Invest in some brilliant books

Whether they’re already a bookworm or need ample encouragement to pick up a book: the summer holidays is the perfect time for children to dedicate to reading. Take them down to your local library and see if they’re running activities over the summer months. They will no doubt have a wide selection of children’s literature for them to choose from – let them pick their own books and don’t be too worried if they don’t seem challenging enough. The more time they spend reading rather than watching TV, the better!

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