Focusing on Your Mental Health During Lockdown

mental health

The COVID-19 measures in the UK seem to show no sign of being lifted anytime and as such, it is with caution that people are going about their daily lives trying their best to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. With many people making sacrifices, it can feel hard to stay positive and look forward to a time when all of this is nothing but a mere memory or tales to regale to the grandchildren in years to come.

But being present in the here and now can be harder than it seems, especially when people are being asked to cut physical contact and meeting others. So what can you do to help you to improve your mental health during lockdown measures?

Personal Hygiene

We don’t need telling about how important personal hygiene is. However, making sure you are adequately protected from catching the virus when you are out and about can help you to remove worry and stress about being in public. Have a good supply of masks, anti-bac gel and if you wear glasses consider getting anti fog glasses to avoid that dreaded steam up when going in and out of shops or from colder to warmer temperatures.

Regular Sleep Patterns

When you don’t leave the house for long periods of time, it can be hard to lose track of a regular sleeping pattern. Poor sleep and frequent naps during the day can not only play havoc with your mental health; everything looks bleaker in the dead of night, but also your health too. Try to get some fresh air every day and avoid sitting for long periods and not moving.

Try to only sleep in bed and avoid using the bedroom for other activities if possible such as working or watching tv. This will help your mind associate bed with sleep and help you to regain a good sleeping pattern.


Exercise has many mental health benefits alongside physical health benefits too. Exercise releases endorphins which give you that feel-good boost and has long been suggested by health professionals as a way to help alleviate low moods and aid with depression. It isn’t a cure for low moods but working out regularly can help give you a much-needed boost.

Use your time at home to find exercise programmes you enjoy to do, get outside for walks in your local area and take advantage of vitamin D on sunny days. Even if you only leave the house for an appointment


Getting your thoughts out of your dead and onto paper can go some ways to helping you work through what we are experiencing right now. Avoid the mindset that you have to muddle through because others seemingly are focused on how and why you feel like you do.

Once you can start to make sense of your feelings you can put a plan in place to help you overcome any worries and stress the lockdown is having on your life. Being able to write this all down and make a physical copy you can put into action or to simply look back is a great way of taking back control.

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