Finding the right car seat for your car

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If you follow my blog, you will know that I have been on my own holy grail search – the three car seat challenge – to find a car that will fit three car seats in a row across the back seats.

I have three children that still need to use car seats as UK law dictates that a child must use a child car seat until they’re 12-years-old or 135cm tall, whichever comes first.

The law changed in March 2017, but car companies don’t seem to have caught up and still offer vehicles with 2 full size seats in the back and a half or 3/4 size in the middle.

If you have three, or more, children you will understand my frustration, as the safer car seats have become, the wider they get and there are very few cars available where you can install three car seats in a row.


Thankfully, now Isaac and Eliza are older they are able to use backless booster seats, which take up much less room, however it is important to remember that these are only approved for children weighing more than 22kg or taller than 125cm. You can find approved booster seats online there

I attended the Baby Show with my daughter at the weekend and car seats for babies have changed, even since I had Sebby 6 years ago and it is now mandatory for babies to be rearward facing travel to 15 months.

Choosing a car seat is a massive investment, however, I strongly recommend you choose one that grows with your child as this will save money in the long run. My daughter, who is expecting her first child in December is investing in a Joie I-Spin 360º which spins rearward, forward and everywhere in between to make getting baby in and out the car easily, plus it will grow with your child from birth to 4 years!

As for cars that will fit three car seats in a row, there are a few available now, although most are 7-seater people carriers, which include the Peugeot 5008, Citroen Grand Tourer, VW Touran, Ford Galaxy etc.

For tips on repair, maintenance and use of your car, head to over to YOUTUBE.COM

How do you manage the three car seat challenge?

2 thoughts on “Finding the right car seat for your car

  1. Fitting in 3 car seats must be a struggle. I can understand your frustration. Good to get car sats your children grow into.

  2. It must be really tricky to manage three carseats all together! The Joie I-Spin 360º sounds like a really good investment and would certainly spare your back too!

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