Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath

My kids love baths and have only one request………. LOTS OF BUBBLES!

Now we have Sebastian, he tends to have a bath first and then the older two get in afterwards, so the bubbles have to be gentle and last!

Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath is Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically tested,  approved by paediatricians and most importantly tear free.

H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath


We were sent some H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath to review which promises to be the soft and gentle way to bathe your little one. It has been formulated to care for children’s delicate skin and is safe for newborns.


The first thing we noticed was there are lots of bubbles which pleased Isaac and Eliza, but did it pass the Sebastian test?


H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath

I can confirm that it did!
Sebastian looks forward to bath time and the whole family gets involved, although not at the same time as our bathroom isn’t that big!  His favourite activity is trying to catch or drink the water being poured out of our toy tub boat.
H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath


Sebastian also loves his bath toys, although as he is teething at the moment chewing them seems to be the favoured activity.  Isaac and Eliza really enjoy their bath books and if you hide by the bathroom door it is lovely watching them acting out the story with their toys.


H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath

I will leave you with some bath time fun with Sebastian.



This is my application to join the H&A Bathtime Fun Squad with Tots 100.



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