Financial Fitness for Big Families: How to Make Ends Meet with Many Mouths to Feed

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You wouldn’t swap your busy family life for anything but having a large and growing clan presents its challenges and you need to be savvy with every penny if you are going to be able to make ends meet every month.

Here is a look at some tips that can help you to keep your finances in the black even when you are responsible for a big family, including how to eat well for less, a smart way to dress the kids, plus an entertainment option that will keep everyone happy.

Targeting your biggest cost

If you find yourself short of cash with a bill to pay, one option would be to check out a site like as a short-term solution, but you might manage to avoid that scenario if you can keep your food bills under control.

Feeding a large family requires careful planning but it is possible to put healthy meals on the table for a lot less than you might imagine.

If you always try to take the approach that you want to eat real food that is not processed and from the freezer, you will need to promise yourself that if you can make it you don’t need to buy it ready-made.

For example, homemade fried chicken with fresh coleslaw and fries is always a family favourite and a chance to get everyone around the table at the end of a busy day, and you should be able to make a tastier, fresher and cheaper version yourself compared to heading for the freezer section.

Try making some of your favourite meals with fresh ingredients rather than buy the ready-made alternative, the difference to your food budget each month will be noticeable and the good news is that you will be eating more healthily as well as spending less on groceries.

Smartly dressed for less

There are several very good reasons for deciding to buy used whenever possible if you are buying clothes for your kids.

The most obvious plus point with that strategy is that you will make some substantial savings compared to going out to buy new every time they need something new to wear.

It is also an eco-friendly thing to if you commit to recycling wherever possible and with a number of kids of different ages in the household there are bound to be some clothes that will look just as good even when they are passed down.

There are also plenty of sites and local community groups on social media where you should be able to find a bargain, helping to ensure that you save on the family clothing budget without compromising on quality.

If you don’t want to buy used every time you can still bring the cost of buying clothes down by picking up items that are on clearance or off-season so that you can cut the cost and keep the kids happy with a nice outfit they will love wearing.

Entertainment at home

A trip to the movies is not really an option if you are having to pay for a large family and all the popcorn and soda’s that come with that sort of evening out, but you can recreate that experience at home for a lot less.

The cost of cable can make a big dent in your monthly finances but a cheaper option is to sign up for a streaming deal using the Internet, giving you access to loads of movies and TV shows for a fixed monthly cost that is normally way lower than if you were tied into a cable deal.

You can make popcorn at home for a fraction of the cost you pay at the movie theatre so this is an entertainment option that is a real no-brainer when it comes to keeping your family finances under control without feeling like you are missing out on some fun.

Limit your shopping trips

Finally, another savvy tip to remember if you want to save money each month and keep your spending down is to try to get your shopping trips down to a bare minimum rather than heading to the stores frequently.

The temptation is always there when you shop regularly to add a few extras to your cart and this soon puts plenty of extra dollars on your total monthly bill.

Make a list of what you need and shop a couple of times a month if you can last that long, helping you to keep your bill under control and reducing food wastage too.

Having a big family is a rewarding experience but you have to stay financially fit to make your money last, which is why you might want to try to follow some of these tips to help make ends meet.

Jack Lynch works as a financial officer for a small bank. He also enjoys sharing his money smarts on a variety of personal finance websites.

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