Filling Time in Lockdown

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As a global population, many of us are now facing a problem we’re deeply unfamiliar with. Time. The crisis currently engulfing the world requires as many people as possible to simply stay home and help to reduce the spread of this virus, and this means many people will be unable to work as much as normal, if at all.

This brings with it a large number of different problems: many people are facing financial insecurity, some are working from home for the first time, learning how to do without the resources of their office and adapting to new teleconferencing technology. Some are having to homeschool their children – while also trying to fulfil the responsibilities of a full time job!

For many – those who are no longer commuting for hours every day, and those who have been furloughed, and are feeling anxious at the prospect of empty days ahead with no structure, the big challenge is time. How do you maintain your mental health and fill those days? This is the issue we’re looking at today.

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Explore a Hobby

For a lot of people, the structure that work brings, and the sense of achievement and pride in a job well done is important for their mental health. Without that framework, and the rhythm of putting in effort for a reward, the long confinement ahead could look very difficult indeed.

This means one great way to fill time is by exploring a hobby. It might be something entirely new, a return to a comforting skill from your childhood, or a craft you’ve been interested in for a while, but haven’t had the time to devote to.

A practical, hands on hobby provides the effort, the use of skill and the developing mastery you see at work, with tangible results to reassure you your time is well spent. You might feel like you can turn your crafting hobby into a business – many people will be looking for a side-hustle in this uncertain time – but it might be more beneficial to your mental health to spare yourself the pressure of promotion, and work simply for your own satisfaction.

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If you’re interested in developing a crafting hobby at this time, then it’s an advantage to get your materials and instructions delivered rather than making a trip out to stock up. If you’re looking for monthly craft subscription boxes, UK companies are still able to deliver and can provide everything you need to complete a project in a single delivery.

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