Feeling Guilty

How many times have you visited the Doctor with a poorly child only to be sent away with a flea in your ear and the advice to:

  • Give plenty of fluids
  • Use Calpol / ibuprofen to reduce the fever

In my case it is a fair few times despite only ever phoning to make an appointment if I am really worried.

Last week was horrendous!  I don’t get ill often and battle through as us mothers have to, but when I get a cough / cold it always goes to my chest and I felt awful.  By Wednesday it was clear that Sebastian was becoming unwell too and was suffering with a temperature and a loss of appetite.

As any good parent I stocked up on calpol and ibuprofen, gave him lots of fluids and spent most of the next few days with him clamped to my side, my normal chilled out chatty boy was silent.  He wouldn’t settle in his cot, so by the time bedtime arrived he came into our bed as it was the only way he would get any sleep.

His snoring was terrible, but I put that down to the fact he had a slight cold and we made the best of a few rubbish nights sleep. In the early hours of Saturday morning his temperature peaked at 40.5 and I was worried so made a call to 111 who took me through his symptoms.

They were concerned enough to make an appointment for me at the local hospital that morning and I had visions of waiting there for hours, however I was pleasantly surprised by a mere 10 minute wait to be seen.

I half expected the Doctor to do a quick check of his symptoms and send me on our way, but he was given a thorough examination and we were in with her for a good half an hour as she gently did what she needed to.  Normally Sebby would fight off such attention but I think he felt so awful he just let her get on with it.

We talked about his raspy breath and the fact he appeared to have a stiff neck.  I told her about his bright red rosy cheeks and had initially thought that his symptoms were teething pains as his molars are starting to appear.

It turns out my poor little soldier not only had croup, but tonsilitis and an ear infection to boot – no wonder he felt so bad, I just wish I had got him seen sooner.

He was given a dose of steroids in the hospital to help his croup and a prescription for amoxicillin for us to take home.  Three days later and we are starting to come out the other side and my happy chappy is back, albeit with a more husky voice than usual. We still have a couple more days of antibiotics left, which is takes great delight in spraying back at me when I try to give it to him – apparently they have taken the sugar out so it doesn’t taste as good as I remember.

Next time one of the kids are ill and I am concerned, I am going straight to the Doctor and will risk having the “fluids and calpol chat”


19 thoughts on “Feeling Guilty”

  1. I’m so sorry he’s been so poorly but glad to hear he’s on the mend. We’ve all been there with the doctors haven’t we, but I think your right, if your concerned, go. It’s hard for them to explain what’s wrong, and a Doctor is there to help figure out the symptoms after all Zx

  2. Oh you poor thing! It’s so difficult to know when there is something is really wrong but always listen to your instincts, but don’t feel guilty. there are always so many different things going around it’s hard to tell what’s what. Glad he’s feeling better. x

  3. Oh it’s so difficult when they are poorly, you also become extra tired and lose the power to make decisions you know are right – go with the gut every time and never bother about what others will think, I say! x

  4. Aw poor little thing. And poor you. It’s so hard to know what to do for the best sometimes isn’t it? And also hard to know how ill children really are. I hope he feels better really soon.

  5. Oh dear. Poor him, and you. But you don’t need to feel guilty. Sounds like you did everything right and he is hopefully recovering well. We mothers give each other too hard a time I think! Love and hugs.

  6. It’s so hard to know what to do when they are poorly, too many call the doctor for the slightest thing and the message to use common sense almost makes those of us who don’t do that delay longer! Glad he is feeling better x

  7. It’s so hard knowing at what point to take them in to see someone. I too don’t want to seem overprotective but then I don’t like seeing them in pain either.

  8. It is so difficult isn’t it – I would have done the same as I hate being sent away from the Drs feeling like an overprotective Mum. I hope your poorly little man is feeling better this week and don’t feel guilty, we have all done it x

  9. You shouldn’t feel guilty at all! You did look after him and give him fluids and medicine when he became poorly. I’ve been there before because you’re right, the amount of times you go to the doctors and get sent away is ridiculous. I bet many parents with more than one child have had this happen to them too x


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