Family Driving – 5 Tips Worth Knowing

Family driving is always a fun experience, despite the little in-car disputes that spring up now and then – and the struggle to get everyone packed and ready. However, preparing for a family trip is not limited to the travel party, especially when you share the road with other drivers. Therefore, it is essential to keep the following road safety tips in mind when driving with your family. 

Perform basic safety checks

Before you hit the road, be sure to conduct necessary safety checks on the vehicle you will be using. Inspect the wiper blades, tire pressure, air conditioning, lights, and fluid levels. You should also schedule regular maintenance to be sure that your vehicle is always in good condition.

Prepare for any roadside emergency

So many unexpected events can occur when you hit the road, even after carefully inspecting your vehicle. These could range from an unexpected accident due to fatigue from driving. Always have an emergency kit in your car and a designated substitute driver where possible – especially when you’re going for a very long drive. This role can be taken by your partner or eldest child licensed to drive. Ensure that the latter has completed all driving lessons, whether manual or automatic lessons.

Safety first

Always ensure that everyone in the vehicle is buckled up properly before setting off. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is often overlooked, mostly when you have gone through a lot of trouble trying to get everybody organised. If you have a child who isn’t old enough to use regular seatbelts, then make sure you use booster seats and child safety seats as needed. Also, ensure that they are buckled in properly throughout the entire trip. Children should always be in the backseat of the car, and pets should not be left unattended. Be mindful of the vehicle’s temperature, as warm weather can quickly increase heat in the car and put your children and pets in danger.

Share the road

When on the road, you can encounter different motorists, including people on bicycles and motorcycles. While you do have the same rights to the road as cyclists and motorcyclists do, always remember that their vehicles’ smaller size puts them at a more significant risk than you. So, no matter how frustrating it gets when sharing the road with them, be patient and thoughtful in your reaction.

Do not be distracted

Smart Phone
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So many unexpected things can happen on the road, especially when you are driving on a highway. Always remember that as the driver, the safety of everyone in the vehicle is in your hands. A common distraction when you are driving is your mobile phone. If you need to answer an urgent call, always pull over to a safe shoulder first. Also, make sure to eat well before getting behind the seat, so you are not tempted to grab a quick bite while you are behind the wheel.

With these five tips, you are bound to have a safe and fun time driving with your family

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  1. Modern life is more distracting than ever before, so you need to know basic driving safety and practice it constantly. I agree that the most important thing is to focus!


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