Familiar favourites and new cocktails create an indulgent, comforting menu this January at Pizza Express

By the fourth week in January, most New Year’s resolutions have gone out of the window as the depressing reality of a long cold spell until summer arrives.

Good job then, that PizzaExpress has launched a range of comforting and warming dishes, that you may well recognise from menus past, as well as exciting cocktails from January 3rd to get us through the season.

The ‘new’ additions to the menu have all featured on the menu previously, but are making a welcome comeback due to customer demand.

Available as a starter, main or with nduja sausage, as an upgrade, the Pennette Formaggi is back on the menu. PizzaExpress’ take on Macaroni & Cheese sees a three cheese sauce combined with mozzarella and Gran Milano cheese. Baked with pennette pasta, garlic oil and black pepper and finished with fresh basil and another sprinkling of Gran Milano cheese. Sadly for us, none of us is keen so we stuck to our favourites of the Garlic Dough Balls and Bruschetta which were both delicious.

Pizza Express

Celebrating the best of Brazilian barbecued beef, the Barbacoa Romana is back on the menu and was the dish chosen by Hubby and Kian. The pizza features smoky pulled beef which has been marinated in chilli, lime and garlic, a spicy chipotle salsa, mozzarella and passata with a fresh finish of chopped tomato, red onion and fresh coriander all on top of the famous PizzaExpress Romana base.

I, on the other hand, chose the Etna Romana and this pizza, named after the famous Italian volcano due to its fiery flavour,  features sweet roquito peppers, salty pancetta and hot, soft and spicy nduja. It was hot, but thankfully not too hot for my taste.

Pizza Express Pizza

Dessert is always a big part of any meal out for us and I always forgo the starter so I have room. New on the menu for January is the Chocolate Fondant which is a delightfully indulgent dessert, with rich and intense warm chocolate cake with a soft melting centre, served with vanilla gelato, topped with fresh mint and icing sugar. Baked in the oven, the centre melts as you tuck into this delightful dessert.

Pizza Express Desserts

Much to my excitement they also have two new cocktails making their first appearance on the menu. The Sloe Prosecco is sparkling treat with the warming note of Sloe Gin. A glass of Prosecco is spiced up with a splash of Greenall’s Sloe Gin and a fresh raspberry and to finish the meal I had a Flat White Martini, which is a creamy cocktail of Baileys and vodka combined with an espresso kick.

Pizza Express Cocktails

To enjoy the taste of comfort this January, visit www.pizzaexpress.com for further information, you won’t be disappointed.

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