Expanding our wooden train set with Brio

Brio Central Station

We started our wooden train set when Abbey was a baby over 24 years ago.

As our family have grown, the wooden train set has grown with them and we have quite a collection of track and accessories now as all are built to last.

The great thing about most wooden train sets is that they all fit and can be used together and can last a lifetime.

Brio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wooden toys that is both educational and fun to play with. The toys are characterised by their timeless design, high quality and craftmanship and we have been sent the Bus and Train Station and Central Station to review.


Last year we took the train to London and then took the open top Big Bus tour to see the sights. Now Sebby can recreate our adventure and set up the building where we can change from the bus to the train and back again.

The set comes with a bright yellow bus and a cub scout with his case and the roof of the bus even lifts up so that you can put your passenger and his luggage inside.

Brio Train Set

The central train station features double tracks and a wide range of sounds from the ticket machine (batteries are included) and makes the perfect centrepiece for your rail network.

Brio Trains

Central Train Station also comes with a passenger so you can start their adventures straight away and only you know where they will end up.

Sebby loved setting up his Brio stations and I cannot wait to see what he does with them when he makes one of his takeover tracks.


The Bus and Train Station (RRP: Β£24.99) and the Central Train Station (RRP: Β£33.99) are available from all good toy shops.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Bus and Train Station and the Central Train Station to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

26 thoughts on “Expanding our wooden train set with Brio

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love my son’s wooden train set, I can’t wait to get it out again when my kids have babies!

  2. lisa prince says:

    my most loved brand of all time and never a time goes by that i regret a purchase they’re timeless and fantastic expandable toys that bring imagination to life

  3. My friends son has this set and loves it. Great that a character comes with it so you can get their journey started soon and kids don’t lose interest xxx

  4. We love Brio! They’re such a timeless brand aren’t they. I’m searching for birthday gifts for my almost four year old. She is transport mad so I’m definitely going to look into this. x

  5. Helen says:

    There is something so nostalgic about wooden train sets. I love that the collection you started 24 years ago is still going and growing. The Brio sets look amazing quality, it’s great that they come with a person too.

  6. Jade Bremner says:

    I just adore this and I think all children should have a train set. Like you mentioned a journey can be recreated.

  7. No matter how old I get, I still love looking at train sets. We love Brio products as they last so well and are great quality.

  8. Kate says:

    We LOVE our train set! We bought it for my eldest sons 2nd birthday – he’s now five and although he doesn’t play with it as often, my toddler is now obsessed with it! It’s always fun to add to a set like this, keeps it interesting for them!

  9. I like the fact that you started the wooden train set 24 years ago. That is amazing.

  10. Claire says:

    This looks like a great set. My Son ‘s use to love train sets when they were younger πŸ™‚

  11. My boys love Brio, it’s one of their favourite things to play with! H πŸ™‚

  12. I love them we have a mixed set of brio and bigjigs at the moment and I am feeling we need more curves it is really limiting my tracks now where as the children are focused on a crane or suspension bridge

  13. Dannii says:

    I love how with these sets you can just add to them as and when you want to.

  14. Charli Bruce says:

    My stepson loves trains and has a big collection of wooden train set pieces. We shall have to look into getting him some of these as I think they would be great in his collection x

  15. These look fantastic! We have some basic Brio train track set but none of the stations yet. Evelyn loves playing with it and even her older brother gets involved so I may have to invest in a station or two to add to their set!

  16. Sonia Cave says:

    This is a great addition. We have had three wooden sets all pooled into one big box now and they adore making huge and complicated tracks from it all

  17. Jacqueline says:

    I didn’t think train sets still existed! And I didn’t think children would be interested in playing with something other than a tablet! But I am thrilled to see this is not the case. I remember when trainspotting was the hobby de jour.

  18. Brio is one of my favourites! We have some of the village, train tracks and fire cars and crew. Such good quality toys.

  19. Joanna says:

    It’s great that the sets connects and they can be extended all around the living room πŸ™‚ I like that the set comes with a passenger as well, it makes the playing more realistic

  20. I’ve always loved the look of Brio toys. The fact they are wooden means they are classical and stand the test of time. Sadly we moved from the UK before we could start a collection for our son, and they’re both hard to come by where we are in Portugal and also very expensive as with all toys here!

  21. We love Brio, they are always so well made and last a lifetime!

  22. Talya says:

    We love Brio and you can’t beat a train set you can keep adding to for hours of imaginative play!

  23. Jon says:

    I’ve seen these in John Lewis quite a few times and always look at it fonldy as i used to have similar when I was a kid!

  24. My friends kids have quite a few of these and they are so good as they feel much better quality being wooden x

  25. Emily Leary says:

    Brio make such beautiful high quality wooden toys and this lovely set is no exception. Perfect for developing fine motor skills and imaginative play!

  26. These sets looks so lovely! I have two little boys who would love these. Wooden toys really are the best aren’t they?

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