Everything You Need for a Total Home Makeover

Maybe you moved into your home and fell in love already or knew that it was the definition of a fixer-upper. Whatever your feelings, there will come a time where you feel your home is in drastic need of a makeover, whether this happens immediately or after years of living there. 

A home makeover is no easy task, and it’s something that can be so overwhelming that you are never sure where to begin. The good news is that there are so many different ways you can transform your home. So, it doesn’t matter if you need to make big fixes, medium fixes, or substantial improvements, you can find everything you need for a total home makeover right here. 

Prioritise The Right Areas 

There is no point in starting your home makeover journey if you don’t know where to begin. This is why it’s so important to prioritise the right areas of the home. These areas are the ones that demand your attention more than anything else, and failing to fix them could risk severe damage. 

If you have a leaking roof, don’t worry about transforming your kitchen just yet. If you’re expecting a child, what’s the point in clearing the garden for you to hang out with friends? By prioritising the most important areas, you’ll make your makeover easier and more efficient. 

Make Your Kitchen The Place to Be 

If you only use your kitchen for groggily pouring coffee first thing in the morning or stressing through yet another dinner where you’ve misjudged your timings, thinking about how to make this room the place to be could do wonders for your home. 

Modernising your kitchen with Granite Transformations and energy-efficient appliances will make it the place to be. You will spend more time there as a result, and depending on the design you choose, you can make a cute little breakfast bar or install a better oven so you won’t overcook that chicken on Sunday.

Open Up the Space 

It’s easy to feel suffocated in your home and you may not feel you have enough space to move around. If this sounds at all familiar, why not open up the space? 

Rearranging furniture or even investing in multifunctional items if you’re short on space can all benefit your home and it will make the space seem larger, which is ideal if you love to entertain or have kids that can’t seem to keep still. 

Transform Your Garden 

While the UK may not have the best weather, everyone likes to make the most of the sunshine once it comes out. So, it only makes sense that you should maximise your garden space and make it somewhere for you, family, and friends to sit and enjoy the pleasant weather. 

If you want to make it a year-round space, installing a covered patio complete with propane heaters is a fantastic way to achieve this. It allows you to get the most out of your garden whatever the weather, while perpetual plants and flowers will keep maintenance down and make the garden look great. 

Give The Kids a Place to Play 

Whether you have kids or are planning on having kids soon, they’ll need a place to play so that they don’t mess up your carefully curated home. Many parents will transform their spare bedroom into a playroom (and you can even double up with the right storage boxes), so this is something to consider. 

This room needn’t just be a place for play, but also somewhere you can sit, relax, and read, or even use it as a home office so you can keep an eye on the kids while you’re working from home. 

Upgrade Old Fixtures 

Pipes, wiring, and other unseen things around the house will demand your attention at some point. If you want to avoid a substantial expense, it’s important to upgrade these fixtures when possible. These upgrades can make your home more efficient and increase safety to prevent leaks from burst pipes. 

It is beneficial to carry out tests within the home whenever you can, and at least once a month should keep everything in order. If you notice something wrong, get in touch with a professional to get a second opinion. 


Perhaps your home is almost perfect, but not quite done just yet. The final piece of the puzzle could be a simple redecorating job. 

Find some paint colours that you want and test them on the walls. You might want to make the most of your south-facing windows, so yellow paint or wallpaper is a great option. There are also relaxing colours like different shades of blue that you can use in your bedroom to help you sleep better. 

Boost Your Home’s Kerb Appeal 

It’s not enough to improve your home’s interior, and choosing to smarten up your home’s exterior will vastly increase kerb appeal, which will make it easier to sell your home should you need to upsize or feel like it’s time for a change. 

Keeping the lawn under control and the flowers alive is one thing, but you can also touch up (or replace) windows to keep things looking attractive for prospective buyers. 

Don’t Forget the Little Things 

With so many big fixes around the home, it’s easy to ignore the little things. These are your light fixtures, switches, handles or door frames. You can replace these little things or simply give them a polish or patch them up with a fresh coat of paint. 

Like redecorating, this is a small but effective way to give your home a makeover. It is simple, and you don’t need any DIY skills to make it a success. So, if you’re unsure how to make your home perfect, the little things could be the answer. 

Made Over 

Deciding where to begin with your home makeover can be a battle all in itself, but if you have any pressing issues that you want to fix immediately, that’s a great place to start. You don’t need to start an odyssey of home makeovers, and it’s perfectly okay to take your time and get to them when you can as you create the home you’ve always dreamed of. 

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