Essential Home Projects to Tackle in 2015


If you’re looking to improve your home in 2015, there are a few projects you will want to focus on. If you have a limited budget and can’t afford to update the entire property, the projects below are some of the best you can start off with. They will make a massive difference to the home; helping to make it more efficient and more valuable.

Installing double or secondary glazing

If you’re looking to make your home more efficient, double or secondary glazing could be just what you need. If you already have double glazing, you could invest in secondary glazing to provide even more energy efficiency. However, if you’re making this improvement to try to add value to the property, don’t make the mistake of opting for plastic frames. As reported by This is Money, would-be-buyers tend to prefer wooden frames; particularly in older houses.

Replace the boiler

Another great energy efficiency tip is to replace an old boiler. The older models tend to be a lot less efficient than newer models. Replacing it could be costly in the short term, but it could also save you hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bills. If you do plan on having your boiler replaced, make sure you hire a professional, gas safe engineer. Don’t be put off if the engineer has taken fast track plumbing courses. These extensive courses such as the ones offered by Options Skills can provide the engineer with a lot more skills and experience than longer courses.


It is amazing just how much of a difference a good fresh paint job can make to the home. Don’t just focus on the inside of the property however. Cleaning, scraping and then painting the outside of the home will not only make it look nicer, but it will also prevent rot.


As shown on Today’s Homeowner, caulking is an important task that can help prevent various problems in and outside of the home. Indoors you can caulk around the bathtub to ensure water doesn’t leak behind it and cause mould and rot on the floor and walls. Caulking any gaps on the outside of the property will also help to prevent rot and lower your energy bills by keeping warm air indoors.

The importance of taking care of the outside of the home

When you think about home improvements, you typically tend to focus on the inside of the property. However, it is just as important to make improvements on the outside of the property too. Checking the gutters are clean and clear will help to prevent major mould problems. Ensuring trees, shrubs and bushes are trimmed well away from the house will also help to prevent cracks and potential serious structural damage.

Overall these are just some of the most important home projects you might want to tackle in 2015. It doesn’t matter how large or small your budget, there is something you can do right now to make sure your home is more comfortable, valuable and energy efficient.

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