Why you should escape the UK this Christmas


Why should you escape the UK this Christmas? Well, to put it quite simply, you deserve it.

You’ve worked hard this year and we probably won’t see snow (but you can check here to see if any might fall a little closer to the day) and it’s just going to get colder and greyer, anyway. Wouldn’t lounging on the beach, on Christmas Day, be a much better way to spend your time?

It might feel a little unnatural to leave the country and not see family on such a special event but sometimes it’s a good idea to change routine and not have to run around the supermarket, just before it shuts on Christmas Eve, because you forgot the gravy (we’ve all been there). You can have someone else cook for you! Bliss.

There are plenty of ideal destinations where you could spend Christmas, all of them lovely and warm at this time of year. If you don’t fancy venturing too far then we think Portugal is the perfect destination. With golden sandy beaches, temperatures of around 20°C in December and plenty of restaurants and bars to visit you should be set up for a very sunny Christmas indeed.

Why not consider securing a property in the country to return to throughout the year and take the rest of the family out to next Christmas? Have a browse for luxurious properties on portugalproperty.com and book in a property tour, when you visit over the festive season.

If you’re looking for even warmer temperatures you’ll need to jet off somewhere a little further away, such as Florida or even the land of Oz. Okay, they might be a little pricey, for what is considered to be the most expensive time of the year, but you can have a real novelty Christmas by paying a visit to Mickey Mouse’s Christmas party in Florida or relaxing on the beach and eating BBQ food instead of turkey, for Christmas in Australia.

Routine is something that can make life seem a little, well, monotonous at times. So by packing your bags and hopping on a plane this Christmas you can de-stress, see how festivities are enjoyed in a different country and not have to wrestle with the tree or keep the cats cooped up in the kitchen so they don’t attack the decorations.

Plus you won’t have to fight it out for the last bag of brussel sprouts in the supermarket, even though no one but you eats them in your house. They just have to be served up to keep with tradition, right? Can you even get sprouts at any other time of year?

Oh, and just imagine your friends and family’s faces when you return with a lovely tan.

You should be completely and utterly convinced by now surely? If so then get on that computer and search for the perfect last minute deal. If you still prefer to keep things traditional then that’s fine too – you can always buy a sun lamp if you need a quick Vitamin D fix.

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