Well, it’s official – we have successfully grown three humans into adulthood.

Kian turns 18 today!!

My biggest baby at 9lb 1oz, he was born on 20th August and was officially nicknamed after Hubby’s pregnancy craving, Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.


Taking after his Dad, he was my first non-sleeping baby and introduced us to the idea of the ‘power nap’ – let him fall asleep at the wrong time for mere seconds and he was re-engerised for the whole day (and night).

kian age 22 months

As a toddler, Kian was obsessed with Thomas the Tank engine and could name every single character in the series.


We still have his collection of trains in the loft and his favourite day out was always “A Day Out with Thomas” when it came to Swanage railway.

Day out with Thomas

At the age of 7 he became a big brother when Isaac came along, a role he takes very seriously and he finally got the chance to torment his little brother as Abbey and Callan had done to him.

isaacs christening 210908 011

Kian is definitely our outdoor boy and a bit of a daredevil, joining Dad on lots of adventures like kayaking, tree climbing and zip lining.


He got to share his big brother status twice more with the arrival of Eliza and Sebastian. Sebby worships his big brother and constantly tells us that Kian is his ‘favourite’.

Kian and Sebby

Kian’s favourite holiday by far was our cruise aboard Carnival Vista and is desperate to cruise with them again – particularly for their Guy’s Burger joint burgers.

Carnival Vista

He got his GCSE results onboard the ship on that holiday and went on to take his A-Levels, transferring his love of gaming to coding and making games. It is wonderful to see your child do something they love and he came out of his exams with a double distinction and a place at his first choice university – we couldn’t be more proud.

Kian Dorset Waterpark

Yesterday we took over Dorset Waterpark with the family to celebrate his big day, which was an absolute blast, although I am aching today, and then on to TGI Friday for a birthday meal.

Ready Player One Cake

Happy 18th Birthday Kian, we are very proud of the young man you have become and cannot wait to see you start your university adventure.

Kian 18

We will all miss you though!




21 thoughts on “Eighteen”

  1. Happy 18th Birthday Kian, and well done Mama on getting three of them to adulthood. My eldest reached that milestone age in year and at times I wasn’t sure whether he or I would survive. So kudos to you for having got three of them so far x

  2. I still can’t believe that you are old enough to have adult children as you look younger whenever I see you! Happy birthday Kian, hope you have a fun-filled adulthood journey! πŸ™‚

  3. Happy birthday to your son! He sounds like a brilliant young man with all the future in front of him and exciting new adventures waiting for him at uni!

  4. Awww even I felt emotional looking back at pictures through the years and I’ve never even met you guys. It just makes you realise how Quickly it flies by huh. The power nap thing cracked me up though lol. Wishing him the happiest of birthdays.

  5. Great work! Parenting at 18+ is so different I find compared to when they are younger. It’s less taking their playstation away and more explaining how they won’t get their rent deposit back lol


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