Eight things you need to discuss with your Wedding Photographer


After many months of searching, you finally find a wedding photographer who ticks all the boxes. Is the job done yet? Nope! Sorry brides but the job is not done just yet. You still need to talk to your photographer about certain aspects of your wedding to make sure you get the best photos of your wedding day.

Don’t know where to start? Let us help you. We give you a list of the top things you need to discuss with your wedding photographer so that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

  • Photography style

You’ve seen the portfolio but that’s not enough to know a photographer’s style. A good photographer should be able to clearly define their style and not just take pictures of whatever looks good. During your meeting, you might want to have a look at their most recent work.

  • Working style

Does he blend in the background or does he take charge and choreograph the poses? Can he do both? Professional wedding photographers in Melbourne have different styles of taking pictures. Knowing your preference for pictures and his style of taking them allows you, your guests, and photographer to behave in a way that’s comfortable for all parties.

  • Assistants and equipment

What equipment will your photographer use? Does he have assistants to help him? How will you/the assistants be dressed? (The photographer and his staff should look professional and blend in with the style of the wedding.) Knowing this helps you prepare ahead of time. It’s even better if you can meet them before the wedding day and get acquainted with each other.

  • Preferred shots

Prepare a set of sample pictures you’d like to have taken by your photographer on your wedding day. It may not be exactly like it but will help give him an idea of how you like your pictures to look. If you have no idea where to find sample photos, you can check out Meagan and Jamie wedding pictures taken by Melbourne photographer Scott Morton.

  • Venue

Is your photographer familiar with the venue where the wedding ceremony/reception will be held? If not, you might want to set an appointment to go with them. This helps the both of you get an idea where the best areas to shoot are as well come up with a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate on your wedding day.

  • Time

Many aspects of the photographer’s work will fall under this topic such as: Will he be available on your wedding day? How early can he arrive at the venue? How long will it take him to get you the prods? How long can you order the photos? Will he be able to stay if the event is longer than expected? These are just some of the time-sensitive questions you need to ask your photographer. Don’t settle for one that doesn’t value their client’s time.

  • Contract

Do not book a photographer who does not have a written contract. Speak with your photographer about it so he can answer any questions you may have with some of the clauses.   

  • Packages and payment

Is an engagement photo session included? Do they offer photo booth? What type of album designs do they have available? Your photographer should be able to discuss with you the services included in their package. Even better if they can create a customised package to fit your needs.

In Conclusion

Those are just some of the important things you need to discuss with your wedding photographer. It seems extensive but it’s there only because a photographer plays an important role in your wedding. They will capture the memories which you will soon look back when you are older. So pick wisely and discuss the important details. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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One thought on “Eight things you need to discuss with your Wedding Photographer

  1. I am a wedding photographer and I would say 80% of my clients are met through wedding fayres or I have done their friends wedding (for which they were present). So they will have met me and seen my work, but if not we do get together (usually over coffee and cake) and talk about their day and how I would slot into that. We meet several times before their wedding and I will visit the church and venue (if I don’t already know it).
    The clients who book full day photography coverage, all receive a -pre-wedding photoshoot so we can have a bit of fun, they get used to having their photo taken and take small direction from me.
    All the questions about time, contracts and hi-resolution images should all be taken care of before the big day.
    I have a natural style of photography and prefer to let the celebrations evolve without a million and one posed shots. We can usually get these done in a list of ten images and then no-one gets bored and couples get to spend the day.
    A newly married couple should be confident that the photographer they have chosen will get all the shots, without stressing all day.
    Here s a link to my reasons to hire a photographer and NOT “uncle Bob” with the nice camera: http://www.melaniechadd.co.uk/2016/02/14/reasons-to-hire-a-wedding-photographer/

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