How efficient are your kitchen appliances?


We were one of the first to get a Smart Meter in the home and have had a it since 2013.

The smart meter upgrade is a programme set out by the UK Government as a way of helping consumers gain more control over their energy use and spending. It also aims to help meet environmental targets and security of energy supply in the future.

The programme will see smart meters installed in all homes and businesses in Britain by 2020 and represents the biggest energy revolution since the 1970s, when the entire country switched from coal to natural gas central heating.

Having a smart meter was initially quite a learning curve and with the Smart Energy Monitor sitting in our lounge showing the amount of energy we were using, it was obvious that we needed to cut down.

Of all the energy we used it was soon obvious where most of ours was being used………our kitchen appliances.

Did you know that the difference in running costs between old and new appliances can be significant and the Energy Saving Trust gives great tips on performing your own ‘energy audit’ to see just how well your appliances are performing. Don’t worry if yours are performing poorly and a new appliance is out of your reach at the moment, they also have a fab competition to win an A+++ rated Whirlpool Washing Machine, and make sure you follow the Energy Saving Trust on facebook for more money saving tips and exciting competitions.

We had our kitchen replaced in 2010 so most of our appliances were new, with the exception of our boiler, washing machine and tumble dryer. I set my smart energy monitor on a challenging setting to help us cut down on our energy usage and without fail it was, and still is, our tumble dryer that always sets of our energy alarm.

Since having the smart meter installed we have replaced the boiler, got a new Beko Range Cooker with an “A” energy rating and a new LG Truesteam washing machine which has an impressive A+++ energy rating which has really helped cut down our energy usage. I have also tried to cut down on the use of our tumble drier too, but that is a real challenge especially in the winter months.

Beko Range Cooker

Boiling the kettle is also another energy drainer and we also have a kettle which boils water one cup at a time.

Make sure you are following the Energy Saving Trust on facebook for more money saving tips and exciting competitions.

11 thoughts on “How efficient are your kitchen appliances?

  1. We still haven’t fitted a smart meter to our home. It sounds like you get some really useful information from it. We would struggle with a tumble dryer too

  2. We tried getting a smart meter some years but we were told we couldn’t for a weird reason. I will try getting 1 again. They are so useful.

  3. We’ve been trying to get an energy meter from our current energy suppliers but they aren’t covering our area yet. I’d live to see how much energy we are using and how I could lower my bills.

  4. The smart meter sounds like a really good idea. It’s also important to buy energy efficient appliances for the home.

  5. Talya says:

    I think having a Smart Meter is such a great idea we have yet to get one but it’s certainly something I need to look into to help us be more energy efficient!

  6. Helen says:

    Wow that’s impressive information. I think we need to get a smart meter. My family always fill the kettle just for one cup. I never use the tumble drier if I can help it, but I’m conscious that my appliances are all over 5 years old so we’re probably using a lot!

  7. stephanie says:

    we don’t have a smart meter purely because I know my other half would be obsessing over it. Although we always look for energy efficient appliances whenever we purchase a new one. x

  8. I’ve been considering getting a smart meter, so I was interested to read how it helped you and your family. I’m lucky that our energy bills are low, possibly because we have no tumble drier. We use a dehumidifier instead, which dries clothes over night.

  9. Clare says:

    We don’t have a smart meter but I know for a fact that it’s our tumble dryer that uses the most energy. With three grubby kids and a mechanic husband I don’t really have a choice but to use it when the weather’s rubbish.

  10. Ooh I love your kitchen!! We don’t have a smart meter but I have heard from others that they are fab! We spend a fortune on our energy bills.

  11. Katy Stevens says:

    Buying energy efficient appliances is really important to me now!

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