EasyRead Time Teacher Watch Review

EasyRead Time Teacher Watch

Like many younger siblings, Sebby is keen to follow in the footsteps of his big brothers and sisters.

Both Isaac and Eliza got watches for Christmas this year and Sebby was rather disappointed that he didn’t get one as I thought he was too young.

We were sent the EasyRead Time Teacher Watch to review and it is perfect for teaching children to tell the time.

EasyRead Time Teacher Watch

Available in two versions, the ‘past and to’ watch or a 24 hour watch, we opted for the past and to version for Sebby.

This Rainbow Past & To Wrist Watch is an ideal first watch to help your child learn to tell the time.  Its clear design and simple 3-step teaching system make it very easy for children to learn to read the time in terms of ‘minutes past’ and ‘minutes to’ the hour.

Tell the time

Step 1: 

Read the number at the end of the long hand.

Step 2: 

Say “minutes to” if it’s pointing to the red side of the watch, or say “minutes past” if it’s pointing to the green side.

Step 3:

Read the number at the end of the short hand.  Like this: 10…minutes to…2.

The watch has a 33mm diameter face which features a large clear dial. This shows every detail your child needs and the hands tell them which numbers to read.


Our watch came with a blue nylon strap, but you can also purchase it with pink or grey. There is brighter coloured straps available to purchase for additional £4.95.

Time teacher watch

Sebastian is more proud of the fact he has his very own watch at the moment and telling the time is still work in progress, but he understands that the short hand tells the time of the hour.

He is always asking us to help him, so I have no doubt his enthusiasm will have him telling the time in no time at all!!

The EasyReader Time Teacher watch has an RRP of £19.95 and there are also clocks available to help re-enforce their learning.

16 thoughts on “EasyRead Time Teacher Watch Review

  1. Charli Bruce says:

    Oh, I love this watch! Definitely going to invest in one for my stepdaughter as she is starting to learn how to tell the time

  2. I think it’s perfect for the kids who are currently learning how to tell the time! I love it! It’s easy to understand as well.

  3. Laura says:

    Oh I love the look of this watch and how straightforward it is to help kids grasp how to tell the time. I think we under estimate how hard it is to learn these things and this certainly looks like it makes it simplier

    Laura x

  4. I love that last photo of him, he looks so adorable!
    Also, this is a fantastic present for little young’uns who want to feel like they’re adults – I know my godson would love this!

  5. Stephanie says:

    My daughter loves her watch and always wears one. I love how clear this face is and easy to help them learn the time easily. Changable straps are fab

  6. That looks like such a fantastic resource to help children learn the time!

  7. This looks great I think I need to get my 4-year-old something like this now she is at school x

  8. Kirsty says:

    The colours look fab and a great way to help children learn to tell the time as it is rather complex to learn! It’s great there is 2optioms, I would go with there version you have as that’s how I learnt to tell the time

  9. John Milnes says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been looking for a watch to teach our daughter. Her school was supposed to start teaching her about time last year, but she is still confused. This will help her more than we could. We really need to get this watch for her.

    Great post and thanks for sharing

    John M

  10. L dove says:

    Oh I LOVE this! At 6 Eva is learning to tell the time and this would make a huge difference!

  11. I’m learning to tell the time at school and this would be perfect for me! Love the option to have the past and to which makes it easier for them to read. Colours are good too! Going to pop and have a look x

  12. Linda Hobbis says:

    What a great idea to help kids learn the time – and very reasonably priced too. I was expecting it to be much more expensive. A bit late for my two but I love the idea.

  13. Bread says:

    Great idea, though it looks a little complicated on first look. I like it though.

  14. Nikki Thomas says:

    What a fantastic idea! I love the way it looks, so clear and appealing for kids and such an important skill to teach them at this age as it amazes me how many older kids can’t tell the time unless it is digital time.

  15. This looks like a fab watch to train young kids to read time! If only we knew about this before, we would’ve gotten one for T.

  16. Sabina Green says:

    What a brilliant little watch! We have noticed that schools are pushing the children much harder on their time-telling skills now and they are definitely having to learn harder times at a younger age. This would really help with that.

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