Easy and fun ways to pass the time


Sometimes Sundays can feel like they stretch out forever, as you look for ways to keep you, and your kids if you have them, occupied. You could do the ironing or wash the car or tidy up the living room but you could also try some of these activities, which are much more fun:

Bingo games are a fun way to pass the time and nowadays you don’t even have to leave the house to play a game. Just switch on the laptop and log onto a site where you can also chat to other players whilst you enjoy a few games. Plus the added bonus of potentially winning money makes it an even more thrilling experience.

If you want to get the kids involved you could play some online bingo games – without your hard earned cash being involved. Pumpkin Bingo, for example, is fun and also helps them with their number identifying skills.

Now don’t click off the post in disgust but painting pottery is actually one of the most relaxing ways to pass the time. Honestly. It allows you to be creative and you can fill a good hour carefully painting something to put in pride of place in your home. Head to Hobbycraft and pick up one of their pottery moneybox painting kits, kids will love painting them too.

Okay, you’re not convinced. How about a Netflix binge then? Finding an incredible TV show to enjoy in those quiet hours is a great way to pass the time. Stock up on snacks, a glass (or two) of wine and indulge yourself in two or three episodes. Here are some fantastic (grown up) shows to enjoy:

Orange is the New Black – this show follows the story of Piper Kerman who is sent to prison for laundering drug money, after becoming involved with her girlfriend Alex. The show follows Piper and shares some of the other inmate’s stories, too: revealing how the justice system isn’t doing what it could to help the women who end up in jail.

House – if you didn’t watch House when it first came out in 2004 then it’s time to play catch up. Essentially a hospital drama, House is improved greatly by Hugh Laurie’s performance as a grizzled MD who is able to diagnose the strangest of medical cases, and rub everyone up the wrong way while doing so.

Breaking Bad – all your friends have probably insisted you watch Breaking Bad but the hype around it has deterred you, until now. Following the story of a chemistry teacher who starts cooking crystal meth after being diagnosed with cancer, the show is a dark comedy that aims to shock.

Finding easy and fun stuff to do can be difficult when you have children, but there is a site out there that can help with ideas on days out. Just click onto Days Out with the Kids, type in your town and it will bring up a long list of things you can get up to in your area. It’s easier than scouring Google for the websites.

Another fun activity is to do exactly what you are doing now. Read. Blogs are great because they can inspire you, whether you are a budding chef, love DIY projects or are always looking for new places to travel to.

If you aren’t signed up to Bloglovin it’s the perfect platform for reading posts. The site lets you pick what you are interested and then brings up blogs that fall under those categories, into an easy to use feed. Yet another way to pass the time that’s easy, fun and free to do!

Now, it’s time to go away and fill those hours with whatever takes your fancy!

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