Easter Egg Hunting Fun with Tesco

Easter egg hunting is one of the highlights for Easter for us.

As a family we normally attend a few, some organised like the National Trust and Lulworth Castle ones like we did last year, one at home and always one at Nanny’s house too (she has the best garden for hiding easter eggs in).

This Easter, Tesco wants to inspire people to make the most of the holiday weekend and make it a real family occasion so they Tesco us a huge hamper of Easter goodies and asked us to stage our very own Easter egg hunt to celebrate.

I got my planning hat into gear and staged a hunt ready for when the kids got home from school, marking out a trail and leaving clues and a few chocolate treats along the way.

Easter Egg Hunt

The kids spotted the egg clues straight away and despite my front garden not having many hiding places, took a while to find the first lot of eggs.

We then followed the bunny prints through the house to find another clue and hunt for some chocolate treats in the back garden.

Easter Egg Hunting

All the kids got a good handful of chocolate and ensured the younger ones found some too, which was lovely to see.

Tesco are holding free Easter egg hunts in many of its stores throughout the day on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April, with lots of prizes to be won. You can download the mobile hunt app or use a paper handbook to take part in the challenge. Find out which Tesco stores are participating by visiting: www.tesco.com

Happy Easter Egg Hunting!!

4 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunting Fun with Tesco

  1. This must be so much fun for the little ones! They look so cute! I loved Easter egg hunting when I was a child! Can’t wait to prepare this for when I finally have a baby 🙂

  2. Erica Price says:

    Great to see Tescos organising egg hunts. How cute do those eggs look on your bird feeder!

  3. Nicole Gore says:

    What a lovely idea! Think my little one is still a bit too little for this but I cant wait to be able to do this with him!

  4. It looks like they had a great time! We always have an Easter egg hunt in my parents’ garden and it’s always finished in about four minutes flat! Blink and you’ll miss it – my kids see it as some sort of race!
    It’s great that Tesco are organising hunts in stores at the weekend 🙂

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