Dyson V8 Animal Review

Dyson V8 Animal

Back in 2013 I was invited up to the Dyson head office to put their new cordless vacuum cleaner the DC59 to the test and it has been a faithful servant to me ever since.

Four years on and my vacuum cleaner is still going strong, but typically Dyson has seen room for improvement and has just released their V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

It still looks the same as my older version, is cord free and hassle free, so what has changed?

Firstly and most importantly, it is powered by the Dyson Digital Motor V8, making it the most powerful cordless vacuum. To us busy mums, it means the battery life is much improved – in fact it has doubled from a 20 minute run time to up to a 40 minute run time and its HEPA filters remove up to 99% of airborne allergens, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

It comes with a handy docking station which stores and charges the machine, and holds additional attachments meaning it’s always ready to go and the Direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper into the carpet to remove even more dirt. It also comes with a crevice tool, upholstery tool and a dusting brush.

Dyson V8 Animal

In my house I have tiled and vinyl flooring downstairs and carpets upstairs and it works equally as well on all the different types of flooring.  As it is cordless, it’s perfect for the stairs and also great for clearing up after the kids, simply clip off the wall pull the trigger and vacuum up the mess – none of this plugging in / unplugging malarkey!

The animal version is engineered for homes with pets and has 150% more brush bar power than its previous incarnation, but, as I don’t have any pets we headed to my friends house to test it on those pesky cat hairs.

Dyson V8 Animal

My children all love using our Dyson, so it was no surprise that Olive and Charlie wanted a turn as soon as we walked through the door and made a start on vacuuming the carpet and stairs. We did find the battery time wasn’t as good on their carpets as they are a longer pile to mine, but the V8 lasted just over 20 minutes and did a great job of picking up the cat hair, kindly left by George.

The Dyson V8 Animal is lightweight and balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning. It cleans up top, down low, in-between and is great for vacuuming the car too!

My only grumble is that emptying it is a lot more tricky on the new version and I find it clunky and difficult to do.

I have road tested a few vacuum cleaners on my blog but I have to say this is the best yet.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Dyson V8 Animal to review by AO.com. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


16 thoughts on “Dyson V8 Animal Review

  1. I think I figured out a way to deal with the problem many people are facing opening the bin. After reading several complaints on the Dyson Facebook page, someone suggested that you pull towards you as opposed to pulling directly up, so I went ahead and tried it and it seems to work. Well, it worked for me but I do not know if it will work for everyone. Otherwise, the customer care at Dyson is really responsive and ready to help remedy that problem.

  2. Donna C says:

    I have a Dyson V6 absolute and it’s great. Cordless is so handy!

  3. Dyson sounds like a great brand. I am yet to use any Dyson product.

  4. Sarah says:

    I definitely need to give this hoover a go! With 6 cats, a good hoover is a must!

  5. Great you can set the kids to work using it 🙂 Looks like a fab vacuum cleaner for busy mums

  6. kirsty says:

    I really need this for my house especially the stairs as we have a Dalmatian and she is terrible with hair as it is super fine. It is a shame that when it comes to emptying it is a bit of a trouble.

  7. Kizzy says:

    I’d love one of these, especially when our German Shepherd is malting!

  8. I have a dyson upright but I would really love this cordless version for times when I want to do the car or stairs.I would love to review one.

  9. Rachel says:

    I definitely need something as sleek as this for my flat, my original Dyson has just come to the end of its life 🙁

  10. Rachel Neal says:

    We have this hoover and I love it, although I do find it a bit heavy to hold after a while but other than that it is perfect. The V8 looks great!

  11. This sounds like a great vacuum cleaner. I am in need of a new one actually so I think I might look into getting one of these. I have had a Dyson before and they are really good aren’t they. Sam x

  12. Cordless sounds like a winner, no plugging and unplugging parlava…or tripping over the wire! This sounds a keeper, although the emptying sounds a fiddle

    Thanks for sharing!
    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  13. This sounds like a fantastic Dyson! I have a Dyson myself and its amazing, just a shame its tricky to empty.

  14. Lynne Harper says:

    We are in need of a new vacuum cleaner. This sounds fantastic, I always love investing in things that have a great rep and that I know will last x

  15. Sabina Green says:

    I still have my DC59 too after four years although the main cleaning head broke about a year ago so we use it with the smaller heads. I love the look of the V8 model it sounds like they have made some good improvements on an already great product.

  16. Carla says:

    I have a cordless dyson and find it so handy. It is currently hanging up on my wall charging again after using it to do my stairs and hallway!

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