Dreaming of a new home!

Dream Home

I love Rightmove and being nosey at all the homes we would never be able to afford in a million years, but every now and again I get a bee in my bonnet about moving house and start searching for homes that are more reasonably priced but just out of our reach.

I have to admit I was proud as punch when we bought our first home ten years ago, we had our feet on the first rung of the ladder and hoped to do it up and move on, as they seem to do on all the property shows on TV.

I was so naive to the cost of house renovations that I thought we would be done within a couple of years, but we are still doing bits and bobs ten years on, although the main jobs have been done now.

I have got to the stage now where I cannot imagine how we can make our home bigger – we can’t go up as the roof is too shallow, we can’t build to either side as we live in a terrace and the back of the house already has an extension on it for the dining / playroom, so I have been busy searching rightmove for my dream home.

Programs like Location, Location, Location, Grand Designs and George Clark’s Amazing Spaces are great for ideas but I now have a wishlist as long as my arm.

My main wish is to have a huge open plan kitchen / family room with bifold doors that open up onto the garden and the room flooded with light by large skylights positioned in the ceiling, with those clever electric blinds by Velux that can be operated by remote control.  It also needs to have a real fire of log burner to keep the room warm in the winter and underfloor heating to get rid of the need for ugly radiators.

Dream Home

I would also love a small snug, where hubby and I could relax and watch TV once the kids are in bed and a separate playroom to keep all the kids toys in one place (and be able to shut the door and ignore the mess).

My other must have is a bedroom for each for the children.  At some point over the last few years at least one of them has mentioned the fact that they don’t want to share anymore and as they get older all children need some sort of privacy.

Sadly, living where we do, that wishlist doesn’t come cheap and we are stuck firmly on the first rung of the property ladder with no hope of moving unless the Lottery Fairy points her magic wand in our direction.

What does your dream home look like in your mind, or do you have it already?




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