Dr Who Experience, Cardiff

Dr Who Experience

I have been a Dr Who fan for as long as I remember and it was always a show we would sit down as a family to watch. When my parents split and I moved in with my step brother and step sister we would all have the same bedtime and then Mum would sneak me back downstairs to watch it.

My favourite Doctor was always Tom Baker until the arrival of David Tennant, although I have a soft spot for all of them and love them each in their own way. My boys followed me in my love for the Doctor and we have playsets, sonic screwdrivers and other memorabilia dotted around the house.

I have wanted to visit the Dr Who Experience since it opened and with the offer of a Novotel review I decided to book it for Cardiff so we could finally make our visit.

The Novotel Hotel we stayed in was a 20 minute walk from the Dr Who Experience, although we didn’t know this at the time and parked on the road near the venue which costs £3 for 2 hours or £5 for 12 hours. The Experience is situated on Cardiff Bay close to the Millenium Centre made famous on the spin-off series Torchwood.

We booked our tickets for 1.30pm and arrived with about 15 minutes to spare. You are put into groups of 30 who then gain entry every 10 minutes. There is a small waiting area with toilets and a cafe to get refreshments as you wait with Dr Who memorabilia dotted around to hold your attention including Gallifrean robes, Clara’s notebook and some rather scary looking villains.

Dr Who Experience

The first part of the tour you are not allowed to film or photograph, but it was out of this world – literally!

You are given necklaces to wear which glow various colours and vibrate as you face danger when the adventure begins. You start in the Gallifrey Museum and after an alien attack, journey to the heart of the TARDIS, where you will to grapple with a threat which could destroy the universe and meet the Daleks and Weeping Angels. Hubby, the teen and I loved this bit but Isaac and Eliza were very nervous, well until they got to fly the Tardis that is!

Thankfully we were returned to Earth in one piece and excited to explore the exhibition hall…………. WHOVIAN HEAVEN!!!

With original sets and models it transports you back to the very beginning of Dr Who. You get to see how the Tardis has morphed and changed as the series progressed both inside and out, plus meet K9 and the Doctor’s old car.

Dr Who Experience

Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite part was then getting to go inside the 10th Doctor’s burned out Tardis from his regeneration – I stood where David Tennant had stood (imagine a very excited child at this point).

Dr Who Experience

It was then time to head upstairs to the main exhibition hall which was packed full of the good, the bad and the ugly as well as some small set mock ups from the series.

Dr Who Experience

The Dr Who Experience isn’t on the same scale as the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, but it is still jam packed with things to see. Each display had a plaque which explains which episode you saw the costume in as well as some fun facts.

Dr Who Experience

There are very strict rules that you are not allowed to touch anything and Isaac got reprimanded for innocently touching a dalek, but there is a half dalek they can go inside and work the controls.

Dr Who Experience

As well as the aliens, the display also contains outfits worn by both the Doctor and his assistants on the show, how many do you recognise?

Dr Who Experience

Of course there are all the Doctors suits too………

Dr Who Experience

………and the rest!

Dr Who Experience

Of course the Doctor would be nothing without his sonic screwdriver and these were on display too.

Dr Who Experience

My one grumble with the whole display is that it was so hot. There were fans dotted around but they didn’t really help, but it was a hot sunny day outside and there was free water dispensers on offer if it got too much.

Dr Who Experience 12

There were also some notable absences. We would have liked to see the Empty Child (“Are you my Mummy”), the Judoon and the Slitheen but I imagine there is simply no room for them and learning how the special effects are created and even how to walk like a Doctor Who monster more than made up for it.

Dr Who Experience

The interactive experience takes around 25 minutes and you are allowed to spend as much time as you like in the exhibition, but I would allow two hours for the whole visit. You then exit through the shop that is packed full of lots of Dr Who memorabilia old and new.

A family ticket, two adults and two children costs £41 online (or £49 on the door). You can also purchase a merchandise pack with your tickets which takes the price to £70 (or £82 on the door).

I would love to tie in the visit with the bus tour of all the filming sites, but that is something to do without the kids as they wouldn’t be interested, although Isaac has started watching one of my box sets since getting home so I am sure we will have another Whovian in the house very soon.

19 thoughts on “Dr Who Experience, Cardiff

  1. wow that looks a lot of fun! bet the kids loved it.
    mummy little blog recently posted…My Sunday photo – 6/09/15My Profile

  2. Zena's Suitcase says:

    We went to one years ago at Lands End. It was brilliant. This looks really cool too. Glad you had a fab time 🙂
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Getting Teenagers Ready For Back To SchoolMy Profile

  3. Adele says:

    Whoa! This is definitely heaven for any Doctor Who fan! What a great family memory in the making!
    Adele recently posted…Raising butterfliesMy Profile

  4. Erica Price says:

    Hubby has been and I’d really like to go too. H doesn’t watch the programme yet, but he’s very interested too.
    Erica Price recently posted…LEGO® City Deep Sea Explorers at Birmingham Sea Life CentreMy Profile

  5. Rachel says:

    I am personally not a fan of Dr Who but I can see how amazing this is for those who are x
    Rachel recently posted…Michael Kors White Eau de ParfumMy Profile

  6. Rachel says:

    Oh wow it looks fab and certainly looks like you had a fab day out!
    Rachel recently posted…Fat to fit FridayMy Profile

  7. Ness says:

    We’ve been twice in two years and loved it. They do have a clear out of the props each year so there was a lot of new stuff when we went last month.
    Ness recently posted…Doctor Who Experience 2015 – Cardiff BayMy Profile

  8. We absolutely love Doctor Who! This would be a great place to take my son. He has a sonic screwdriver too.
    Bek Dillydrops recently posted…The 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC Week 4My Profile

  9. This looks fascinating and the price seems very good value.
    Mums do travel recently posted…How to save up for holidaysMy Profile

  10. Anne says:

    Oh Brilliant, I’d love to go. I went to the exhibition in Blackpool a few years ago and I went with my eldest daughter, who is also a Whovian, to the Children in Need Doctor Who concert in Cardiff back in 2006 at the Millenium Centre (they actually had the entrance to Torchwood blocked off because it was popular then and with all the fans descending I guess they thought everyone would be looking for it, lol. )
    Anne recently posted…How Much Do You Share Online?My Profile

  11. Sarah Bailey says:

    I love this – I totally want to go soon and I keep trying to convince the other half we do need a weekend away to visit it. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Floral Storage Bag from Qwerkity: ReviewMy Profile

  12. Gemma says:

    This looks a fab day out!
    Gemma recently posted…Our Honeymoon travelling around Florida, USAMy Profile

  13. Jen Walshaw says:

    I know that the boys would LOVE this, as would I. We love sitting down to watch Dr Who as a family.
    Jen Walshaw recently posted…Rhubarb Brulee Cheesecake – cooking with kidsMy Profile

  14. Sonia says:

    Looks great for Doctor Who fans, I haven’t watched Dr Who since I hid behind the sofa when i was little 😉
    Sonia recently posted…New Business Feature – Meet other MumsMy Profile

  15. I remember the long stripy scarf! Tom Baker was my childhood fave too and I used to get so scared of the Daleks!
    JuggleMum, Nadine Hill recently posted…VIP Treatment at The O2My Profile

  16. Michelle says:

    We LOVE Doctor Who in this house. We went to the exhibition in Blackpool several years ago, and the 50th anniversary exhibition a few years back. They had some of the exhibits from Cardiff on display. This is definitely somewhere we would go if we visited Wales!
    Michelle recently posted…Festival Food at Camp BestivalMy Profile

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