Disney on Ice – Dream Big in Review

With the school holidays starting and finishing late, I wanted to take the kids to one last fun day out before it was back to the routine of school and we ended the holidays on a high with a visit to The O2 to see Disney on Ice presents Dream Big.

It was no ordinary trip, however, as we were invited along to see the show with Ocean Florida, who hosted us in their hospitality box where we got to enjoy afternoon tea before the show began.

Afternoon Tea

Watching the show from a box is an experience everyone should do at least once. Not only do you get to enter through a VIP entrance with no queues, but the whole venue feels very different, with large, open corridors containing huge sofa’s and hundred’s of huge canvas pictures with images of bands that have performed at the O2.

Afternoon Tea

The box itself had a small kitchen area with drinks, an entertaining area and 15 seats for friends and family to enjoy the show and we got to share the experience with two other lovely bloggers Lizzie Somerset and The Dadventurer.

We are seasoned veterans of Disney on Ice and have found that the shows have been quite samey in recent years, however ‘Dream Big’ has brought Disney on Ice back to its best.

We were most excited by the inclusion of Moana in this show, as it one of the kids favourite Disney movies, however, the show features many of the Disney heroes and heroines who have inspired generations to be braver, stronger and kinder.

Although the stories were based around a mostly female Princess cast with Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Moana and Anna and Elsa, it was the men that took the limelight with most of the stories told from their perspective, which made the whole show feel fresh and new.

We particularly enjoyed the slaying of the dragon from Sleeping Beauty, Moana returning Te Kā back to Te Fiti (both had lots of fire effects), but the thing that drew the most gasps was Cinderella’s carriage as it glided around the rink.

In fact, none of the routines were ones we had seen before, even the Frozen ones.

Look out for the new show; The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice heading to arena’s from March 2018.

A massive thanks to Ocean Florida for making us feel like royalty for the day, we loved every second.

29 thoughts on “Disney on Ice – Dream Big in Review”

  1. Oh my, this absolutely needs to be added to my bucket list. I’m a huge fan of Disney but have never gone to a Disney on Ice show. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. First of all, all the cookies and bread looks so delicious and very tempting. About the show, it’s a great stuff they have for a theater plus it’s Disney what we’re talking about here.

  3. OMG sooooo jealous you went!!! I want to take my boys so badly but I just don’t think they’d be into it, haha! Thanks for sharing your experience!


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