Digital Marketing Tips for Lifestyle Bloggers


Blogging is one of the Telegraph’s 10 tips for getting traffic to your website, and the world has taken this to heart. Everyone and their dog seems to have a blog these days, which makes it vital that your blog stands out from the crowd. One of the best ways of achieving this is by guest blogging.

Guest Blogging

Whatever level you’re at, it’s almost certain there are blogs out there with more readers. In any case, they’ll have different readers from yours, and that gives you the opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

There’s strong competition for guest blogging, so you need to build a strategy first to engage the owner, and then to produce great content which will get you an open invitation to contribute more. You can manage your own strategy, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that Flow Ink Digital, a marketing agency in Hertfordshire, can help you.

Flow Ink

Tips for Guest Blogging

The choice of host blogs to target needs research. First of all, you have to establish whether the blog accepts guest posts, then whether it’s relevant to what you write about. Think outside the box, though. If you write about interior decorating, for instance, blogs aimed at families, DIYers and landlords might all be relevant. You also need to establish that it has a large, engaged audience.

When you’ve decided on a blog to approach, don’t just cold-call. A personal introduction is perfect, but at least show in your pitch that you’re familiar with the blog. Making comments on existing posts can be useful, but as the Guardian cautions, “Keep it relevant and opinionated without linking back to your site, besides in the URL field of the comment box.”

If you’re invited to write for the blog, make sure the content is high quality and specifically targeted. Look for gaps in what they already have, but make sure it’s relevant to the keywords you want to use. And follow up comments made. You never know what valuable relationships you might build.

Monetising Your Site

Both guest blogging and posting engaging content on your own site will help to increase your traffic. Lifehack offers 101 tips for bloggers, ranging from subscribing the essential directories to using podcasts and videos.


Once you have that traffic, there are various ways to monetise your site. You can host advertisements, where you receive a percentage of any sale resulting from a click from your site. You can also offer something for sale — an ebook of recipes or knitting patterns, for instance, to further engage the audience you’ve gained from guest blogging.

2 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Tips for Lifestyle Bloggers

  1. I’m actually just trying this one out right now! Guest Blogging is a great way to get your name and website out their. It also promotes good relationships with other bloggers. 🙂

  2. Great tips here thank you, I haven’t looked into guest posting on other sites before but it’s definitely worth considering.

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