Dennis the Menace Farting Football

Boys outnumber girls in our house 5:3

They may be different ages but one thing unites them……….. amusement at bodily functions, particularly those of the “trump” variety, so when I was asked to review the Dennis the Menace Farting football I knew they would love it!



It transpires that even little Princesses love it too as the football makes disgusting funny farting sounds every time you kick it.

The kids have been causing havoc and playing practical jokes on each other in true Dennis the Menace style.

Dennis the Menace farting football

I am not sure there are actually any learning opportunities from it, although it does encourage the kids to be physically active, but it is great fun.  I may give it a kick when the kids aren’t here myself.

At £9.99 the Dennis the Menace Farting football would make a great gift for that menace of your own!


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