How to decide whether you should hire a professional or DIY

Many people embark on DIY to economise. This isn’t always a wise course of action: as an article in This is Money revealed, DIY disasters cost £3 billion across the UK in 2013. There are times when it’s always better to call in the professionals.

Health and safety is important

In a bid to crack down on cowboy builders and domestic accidents, the government introduced safety rules to cover areas of electrical installation and repairs. According to the authoritative website Electrical Safety First, any homeowner who goes ahead with any major electrical installation will be breaking the law if they do not hire a registered electrician.

The 2005 Health and Safety Act was amended in 2013, and Part P was introduced. Part P applies to any changes made to existing installation, including parts that were rewired. Thermostats from the Underfloor Heating Store, among other appliances, may look easy to install, but if you want to make sure your home is fully compliant with current legislation and that your electrical installation is safe and will protect people from fire and electrical shocks, then it’s usually a good idea to seek the advice of a professional.

Building work can be tricky

The rule of thumb with DIY is that if you’re in any doubt about a job, don’t do it.
You may have watched one of the numerous makeover and home renovation programmes on TV, and thought that it all looks very easy. The problem arises, for example, when you try to knock down a wall at home, and then find that your house is unsafe because you have demolished a supporting wall by mistake. Remember that TV programmes have experts on hand, and are also well insured for their projects, this isn’t always the same in the domestic setting. Some men mistakenly believe that they are betraying their machismo by not trying out some DIY jobs, but it’s better to be honest about your capabilities than damage your home and then have to pay to rectify your expensive mistakes.

Painting and decorating an be pleasurable

Of course there are some tasks that can easily be carried out by any homeowner. As long as you prepare your surface by cleaning and sanding down the area that you wish to paint, you may actually enjoy the project, and be delighted with the end result. You’ll also save a fortune, and as long as you invest in decent paintbrushes and rollers, you should find that it’s quite easy to achieve a professional finish.

You should learn about basic DIY tasks

It’s always useful to know how to mend a fuse, change a plug or even put up some shelves, but according to The Daily Mail 8% of young people in the UK can’t change a plug, and 17% can’t hang a picture. These simple tasks don’t need the assistance of a professional. If your children are about to leave home and embark on a new independent life, it might be an idea to teach them these skills, then they won’t always be phoning up Mum and Dad and asking for their help.

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  1. Poor electrical wiring could lead to a power surge. The spike in electricity could damage your expensive electronics, which could be thousands of dollars. A professional electrician knows how to upgrade your wiring to eliminate the damage.

  2. Aspiring homeowners tend to avoid professional builders thinking that they are expensive. Well, that is not correct. If you look at the whole thing critical, you will realize that professional home builders are in fact, affordable.

  3. Thanks! Many home remodeling projects require permits, even something as simple as building a deck. But you can, of course, get a permit yourself to do the remodel job in your house 🙂

  4. Diane Price says:

    I’ve always wanted to try DIY projects but have a lot of reservations. Thanks for sharing these insights with us!

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    I find your post really helpful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us!

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