Meet Gum.

A happy go lucky kind of guy, Gum is always positive when he is stuffed full of food. Don’t let him get hungry or he’ll transform into an unhappy, grumpy pig. POWER TO THE SUGAR!!!

Gum is a Pig that comes to life on your smart device. You can play 3 fun mini games and enter Cupets World for an exciting adventure! Nurture your Cupet, feed and care for them.

Gum Cupet

There are 12 ‘cube shaped pets’ to collect called Cupets and Eliza was sent Gum to review.


When you first open the app it is dark and all the Cupets are sleeping, but switch the lights on and they all wake up and are ready to play.  You can even use the camera phone on your device to interact with the cupet using the QR code on its back.

Aimed at children aged 3 and over, Eliza loves her Cupet.  The games are a little advanced for her at the moment, but she loves interacting with the pig on the iPad.


Once you buy your Cupet you get a FREE downloadable virtual pet to get you started.

The aim is to make your Cupet happy, and Eliza enjoys tickling him by rubbing the screen, giving him different hats to wear and even playing volleyball with him.  Collect the coins to buy food to feed him and even medicine to make him feel better.

At £6.99 they are a great pocket money toy that will keep the kids amused for ages.



2 thoughts on “Cupets

  1. océane says:

    je veux tous les cupétes

  2. Mummy to boyz says:

    These look fun

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