Creative play time outdoors with Cheeky Monsters

The weather has finally improved, meaning we can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

My kids love getting outside and I love listening as they make up stories and act them out as we walk.

For those looking to take their creative play time outdoors this summer, there is a brand-new series of pre-school storybooks and cuddly toys available now, born from the concept of the imaginary worlds and characters created when children play.

The Cheeky Monster mission is to inspire young minds to be curious, creative and make every day an adventure. They even have their very own YouTube channel and website with creative inspiration, singalongs and story readings.

The website features free downloadable content with themed activities based on the storybooks, such as How to Build a Bug Hotel, How to Build a Rocket and lots of creative craft fun for the family! 

Everyone has a Cheeky Monster, which one are you?

Violet – Superstar  – One day, when Cheeky Monster Violet calls round to play, she waves her sparkly wand, and soon has everyone singing and dancing in a spectacular show! It’s time to make lots of noise and sing along to the Cheeky Monster song!

Glitter – Disco Dancer 

One day, Cheeky Monster Glitter tumbles through the wardrobe into his very own fashion studio! With help from all the Cheeky Monster friends, Glitter styles the most fabulous outfits, and finds the perfect theme for his show. It’s time to disco!

Drago – Super Scientist 

Cheeky Monster Drago is on a special space mission. She has found all the things she needs around the house to build her rocket. Now, in her secret science laboratory, the Cheeky Monster scientists work hard together, and before long it’s time to launch their rocket to the moon! Blast off!

Rocky – Road Racer 

If you’re feeling full of beans, look out, as Rocky is sure to whisk you away on an adventure! One day, Rocky knows just how to shake up a boring car journey. With a VROOM! he soon has everyone zooming around his racing track in their very own racing car. Who will cross the finish line first?

Spike – Expert Explorer 

When Cheeky Monster Spike spots litter in the park, he calls everyone to join his tidy-up parade. Suddenly the Cheeky Monster friends find themselves on an exciting nature trail, but the bugs they discover need help, and Spike knows just what to do! Watch as they build a fantastic bug hotel and learn how to build your own!

Whether you’re taking Spike out on his explorations in the sun or staying in from the rain and following one of Drago’s new science experiments. Cheeky Monsters has something for everyone at any time this summer. 

The Cheeky Monsters books have an RRP of £6.99 and the plush toys £14.99. Both are available from

Thanks to the Cheeky Monsters team, I have a book and cuddly toy* to giveaway to one lucky reader.

*chosen at random

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117 thoughts on “Creative play time outdoors with Cheeky Monsters

  1. Natalie Crossan says:

    Glitter as he sparkles!!

  2. Glitter because he sparkles!

  3. My craft loving niece would like Glitter x

  4. Spike because he sounds adventurous.

  5. cara vaughan says:

    Violet because she’s so adorable and make’s a very nice plush, my daughter would love her !

  6. Maria b says:

    I lile Spike, I think we could have alot of fun with him!

  7. Marie Powell says:

    Drago looks really cute, and I know my grandson would love him

  8. Kay Sherman says:

    Drago looks really cute x

  9. Adrian Bold says:

    I’d like the super cute Glitter Soft Cuddly Toy for my niece who would love it.

  10. Diana says:

    Drago, so cute 🙂

  11. DAWN HULL says:

    Spike has to be my favourite character. He is so cute!

  12. karen dixon says:

    Violet – My niece would love her!

  13. Kirsty Fox says:

    I’d love to win Drago for my grandson who also likes adventure.

  14. Magsd says:

    Spike my grandson wanted to call his new baby brother Spike but wasn’t allowed this would make his day

  15. Darren Bourne says:

    It’s hard to choose but I would pick Glitter or Violet as I think they are the cutest. They would all be popular in our house.

  16. SUSAN L HALL says:

    Has to be Rocky my grandbaba loves his cars and when he skypes me shows me them all

  17. min says:

    Violet is so cute!

  18. Samantha M says:

    Glitter is my favourite – because I love glitter and crafts!

  19. Laura Pritchard says:

    Violet as my daughter would love her outfit!

  20. Sheena Read says:

    Spike is so in tune with nature

  21. vicki reis says:

    My grandson loves cars

  22. laura lou stewart says:

    awww we love Spike 🙂

  23. Jules page says:

    Spike because my grandchildren loves him x

  24. Amy Bondoc says:

    Rocky as he sounds adventurous and lotts of fun!

  25. Patricia Barrett says:

    Spike – as I love dragons!

  26. Chloe says:

    I’d love to win Drago for my science mad daughters.

  27. Fiona Johnstone says:

    Cheeky Monster Glitter would be my granddaughter’s choice and mine.
    We are both fans of sparklyness. Who doesn’t want a sparkly day.

  28. Sue Alleyne says:

    We all love Spike

  29. Catherine Gregory says:

    My little boy says Rocky as he loves cars like him

  30. Angie Jackson says:

    Spike as he looks so cool!

  31. Michelle Turner says:

    Rocky because he looks extra mischievous and has blue hair like me 😉

  32. JAMES HOLYLAND says:

    Drago the spectacle wearer! Like me!

  33. Stacey Craig says:

    Rocky because he sounds like my son kind of monster.

  34. Mark Barlow says:

    I’d love Glitter so they can teach me (and our four year old son) some new disco dance moves

  35. Rachel Mccraith says:

    Rocky as he sounds adventurous and always on the go! He sounds like he’s a lot of fun

  36. Catherine Stewart says:

    I’d like to win Superstar as it’s the most like my daughter!

  37. Anthony H says:

    Drago, because he looks very similar to a soft toy we call “Strange Creature” that my grandson loves

  38. Sheri Darby says:

    Drago, because my daughter says so

  39. steph lovatt says:

    Drago, I like the experiments he does

  40. Rich Tyler says:

    Drago as he’s all about space / science like my boys

  41. Katie B says:

    We love spike because we love mischief!

  42. Suzanne Jackson says:

    I think my cheeky monster would love Violet because she’s a superstar too!

  43. Katie Howell says:

    Has to be drago due to their curious nature

  44. AndrewC says:


  45. leanne weir says:

    Glitter is our favourite here

  46. Nicola Godfrey says:

    Spike, as my nephew is always getting into mischief and exploring places he shouldn’t.

  47. Troy Easton says:

    Rocky because he looks really cool and fun.

  48. Stacey Haines says:

    Rocky because he’s full of energy and adventurous like my son

  49. Leanne Bell says:

    Drago. Green is my daughters favourite colour, and she also loves learning new things!

  50. Ruth says:

    Spike is a little cutie, looks lots of fun and his outdoor adventures are right up our street

  51. Danielle Spencer says:

    I would love to win Spike, not only is he my favourite aesthetically, it suits my niece perfectly, she loves putting things in the bin and she is such an explorer and animal lover, like her auntie!

  52. Clara says:

    Glitter sounds fun and creative

  53. Susan Willshee says:

    Rocky is my favourite because just like me, Rocky is enthusiastic and always wants people to achieve their very best.

  54. Margaret Mccaffery says:

    Spike as he always knows what to do.

  55. Mark Mccaffery says:

    Spike as he looks like a proper Dragon.

  56. Jo Jones says:

    Glitter because so sparkly like Amelia loves

  57. Eileen Hindley says:

    Spike because I’m a daydream believer

  58. Emma Walters says:

    violet…just like my singing, dancing little monster

  59. John Taggart says:

    Spike is my favourite if you get my point

  60. Marycarol says:

    Would have to be Violet x

  61. Rachel Walsh says:

    Drago as we love learning and doing experiments, my son especially loves space too!

  62. Ms C Bryan says:

    It would be Spike as orange is a bright cheerful colour

  63. K Col says:

    Spike for my grandson because he loves exploring nature outdoors

  64. Ben Audsley says:

    Drago – he has to be the coolest!

  65. michelle o'neill says:

    i would love Drago

  66. Peter Watson says:

    I love Rocky because he looks like a cheeky fella.

  67. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Rocky as Lil Peewee is always on the go too

  68. Laura Johnson says:

    I like Glitter as this would be for my niece and she loves her sparkles!

  69. Sonia says:

    Rocky because little one loves racing around and cars

  70. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Spike because I’m a daydreamer too.

  71. Kim Carberry says:

    I think Violet is ever so cute. I love her little magic wand x

  72. Jade Hewlett says:

    Spike because he looks like lots of fun and it would be great to see what he discovers on his adventures exploring and taking him exploring with us!

  73. Sarah Austin says:

    Would love to win Drago

  74. Julie Ward says:

    Love Violet with her tiara and tutu

  75. Lucy says:

    Hello, I would like to please win Drago as he looks cute with his glasses!

  76. Susan B says:

    What a cute range! I would opt for Spike as he is so bright and fun.

  77. claire woods says:

    Drago, as he seems to be the smart one.

  78. Polly says:

    Glitter as they look like they would bring lots of sparkle to life

  79. Elisha says:

    Glitter, so cute and chubby

  80. janine atkin says:

    rocky is my fav. its his face!!

  81. Laura Wheatley says:

    My daughter said she likes Spike as he is most like her

  82. josephine says:

    Glitter is my favourite, he’s so cute and cuddly.

  83. Ursula Hunt says:

    My granddaughter loves dancing so I would pick Disco dancer

  84. lynn neal says:

    It would have to be Spike because that is my husband’s nick name!

  85. Charlotte isobelle says:

    Rocky as he’s totally like my little one, always wanting fun!

  86. Angie McDonald says:

    Rocky because he’s adventurous and likes fast cars!

  87. Emma Wolski says:

    Drago as he is my nephews ultimate fave!

  88. Joo Dee says:

    Violet for my nieces little one

  89. Phil Read says:

    Drago because it is fun to find things out.

  90. Susie Wilkinson says:

    I like Drago the best because he’s inquisitive and wants to learn

  91. Katrina Adams says:

    Drago because my little nephew is really finding that he likes experimenting and science.

  92. Ruth Harwood says:

    We love Drago, plenty to love about them all though, to my mind!

  93. claire little says:

    rocky as he reminds me of my youngest son.

  94. Rachelle L Barrett says:

    Amazingly cute, love them all but Draco is a favourite

  95. Shellyg says:

    rocky or glitter as glitter’s body shape reminds me of my own LOL! and rocky looks like he appreciates rock music, so we’d get along 😉

  96. Natalie Burgess says:

    Spike as we love to explore xx

  97. matthew Page says:


  98. Debby windley says:

    It would be Rocky, my grandson also loves vrooming around with his race cars

  99. justine meyer says:

    Violet Superstar as she would be ideal for my superstar nephew

  100. Claire Eccles says:

    They are all so cute but i think violet is my favourite 🙂

  101. Carly Belsey says:

    Spike as my daughter loves to explore, what a super plush monster.

  102. Wendy Smith says:

    Violet Superstar because just like her, my niece Milly loves to sing and dance

  103. Eva Appleby says:

    I love Violet

  104. harriet says:

    Violet is so sweet.

  105. Keith Hunt says:

    Rocky as he’s like ny teen

  106. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity. My favourite is Spike as he likes looking at nature, like me!

  107. ashleigh allan says:

    Drago for my nephew who is science mad!

  108. Kim Neville says:

    Rocky as looks the cheekiest

  109. Michelle Smith says:

    Violet I love her tutu

  110. Alice Dixon says:

    Spike, he likes to look after the planet just like my little boy

  111. Steph K says:

    Spike – he looks the cutest!

  112. Iain maciver says:

    love drago

  113. melanie stirling says:

    I like Drago with his glasses and he is a super colour.

  114. Sarah Rees says:


  115. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Violet is my favourite

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