How to create a stunning pencil tin for your home or office

Sometimes using the simplest of materials can create the best effects! Using Scotch Magic Tape and your favourite gift wrap, or child’s painting, you can turn an old tin into a great pencil holder the kids will love, and it might just encourage them to tidy up after themselves!

Maggy Woodley, award winning blogger and owner of the blog Red Ted Art, shares her step-by-step guide to creating a pencil tin.

You will need:
One tin can (emptied, washed and dried)
A selection of matte paper
Scissors (Adult/Children’s)
Scotch Magic Tape

Scotch Tape

1. Start by cutting your paper to size using the tin can as a guide.

Scotch tape

2. Leaving a slight length of overlap, cut the strip of paper at the end.

Scotch Tape

3. Secure one end of the paper to the tin with two small pieces of Scotch Magic Tape. This doesn’t have to be super neat as you will be covering this tape in the next step.

Scotch Tape

4. Wrap the paper the whole way around the tin and secure it in place with another strip of Scotch Magic Tape. This tape is ideal here, as it appears invisible on matte papers!

Scotch Tape

5. Place the tin upright and there you have your finished pencil pot – a new home for your favourite pencils and pens.

Scotch Tape

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