Create Personalised Bookmarks For Your Kids to take back to school this Autumn


We all know persuading our children to do their reading in the first few weeks back at school can be a challenge, but designing and using their own bookmark is a sure fire way to encourage them!

This simple bookmark can double up as a reading record or as a perfect gift for Grandma and Grandpa.

Maggy Woodley, award winning blogger and owner of the blog Red Ted Art shares her easy steps to create an easy back to school bookmark.

You will need:

Copy of a favourite picture

Coloured Card



Hole Punch

Scissors (Adult/Children’s)

Scotch Magic Tape

  1. Ensure you have a selection of photographs that you and your children love. Trim down your images to size and place onto the coloured card
  1. Using the scissors, cut around the image leaving a 1cm border of card, and ensuring you leave a larger 2-3cm section at the top of the bookmark
  2. Secure the photo to the card with a strip of Scotch Magic Tape
  1. Fold over any excess tape to create a neat edge. Repeat this until the whole bookmark is covered with the tape, front and back
  1. Trim the excess tape at the shorter ends to eliminate any a messy uneven overlap
  1. Make a mark on the top of the card with a pencil where the hole should be made for the ribbon detail
  1. Hold the hole punch upside down, find the pencil mark and punch a hole
  1. Thread some beads onto your ribbon and secure them with a knot. Thread the ribbon through the bookmark and secure with another knot
  2. Place your finished bookmark in your child’s reading book. Using a pen or pencil, you and your children can write straight onto the tape to keep a track all of the books they have read during the school term.

Scotch Tape

We may have not stuck 100% to the brief, but Eliza and Isaac have their own creative minds and I think they look brilliant!

For more ideas and inspiration on how to use Scotch Magic Tape for a range of everyday uses visit

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