An Adventurous Day at Corfe Castle

We love February Half Term!

Why? – I hear you ask………….

It is Teddy Zipwire time at Corfe Castle!

I first shared this with you this time last year in my post Where Eagles Bear, but sadly Daddy get to come along that time so we decided that this year he had to join in the fun.

We pulled up into the National Trust carpark just in time to see a steam train hurtling past, much to the delight of the kids who were jumping up and down and waving to the passengers.

Corfe Dorset


Once the train had disappeared from view, we headed across the road to start the trek up to Corfe Castle itself, stopping to identify the creatures on the National Trust signs that were dotted along the trail and balance along the logs.  The kids soon tired of carrying their bears, so Kian and I created some makeshift teddy carriers so we had our hands free.

Corfe Castle, Dorset

The walk up to the castle is very picturesque and we took the opportunity to identify all the different shapes that nature had to offer.  There were quite a few fallen trees, some which had been chopped up and Isaac was counting the rings to see how old it was but Eliza was more fascinated by the goats that were grazing on the slopes.

Corfe Castle


As we rounded the corner to cross the bridge, excitement levels were through the roof.  Corfe Castle sits on top of a really big hill which is perfect for climbing up and rolling back down again!  The kids shot off with Daddy to explore whilst I stopped to get the Quest challenge sheets.

Corfe Castle

Once we managed to persuade them away from the hill we headed across to book Minnie and Yoda Bear in for their zipwire challenge.  The National Trust helpers reassured Minnie and Yoda Bear that they would be fine and set them up with their safety equipment.  Minnie especially seemed to be more nervous than  Yoda Bear but he promised to look after her.  I did tell them not to look down!

Corfe Castle

It is quite a climb to the top of the castle but we made it and Isaac volunteered to send Yoda Bear first.  We hooked him to the zip line, gave him a countdown and then let go……….GEROMINO!

Corfe Castle

We whooped and cheered as he flew down the zip line to the safety of the bridge below.  Then it was Minnie’s turn.  Eliza gave her hand one final squeeze for reassurance and then let go………… Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Corfe Castle

We watched as she was collected at the bottom of the zip wire before heading off to explore the castle and find the answers to our Quest questions.

Corfe Castle

We found statues, learned some history and even got to crawl through some rather small spaces.  Eliza insisted on jumping down each step and I was worried she would fall, so there was one thing left to do……. join her!

We headed back down the hill to collect the teddy’s and recharge our batteries with a Barny cake before having some fun getting dressed up and playing a medieval board game.

Corfe Castle

The kids then handed in their completed Quest form and received a medal each, whilst the teddy’s got their very own bravery award.

Corfe Castle

We headed back to the car and set off for home, stopping at Arne Viewpoint to admire Poole Harbour in all its glory.  I have to say this is one of the best views in Dorset!

Arne Viewpoint

We chose to take the chain ferry at Studland home and were first in the queue which gave us a wonderful view.  We watched as the ferry set off across the harbour and took in the delights of Shell Bay, Brownsea Island and Millionaires Row.

Shell Bay


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29 thoughts on “An Adventurous Day at Corfe Castle”

  1. Lucas says – the Mother showed me this post and started telling me all about her childhood holidays there. She’s said that if I’m a good boy, she’ll take me next year. I am sooooo gonna try as I love the look of that castle!!!! #whatsthestory

  2. Loved reading this post so much as brought back so many happy memories of childhood holidays. Corfe Castle is one of my favourite places to visit ever – I have a gorgeous photo of it at night framed on my landing at home. Studlands is a beautiful area and we always used to go to the beach as it is one of the few beaches where dogs were allowed – do they still allow dogs? The chain ferry was always a real adventure for us as well. My aunt and uncle used to own a tiny shop there and this post just brought so many happy memories back. Did you know that apparently Enid Blyton used Corfe Castle as inspiration for Kirren Island/Castle in the Famous Five? #whatsthestory

  3. I remember your post last year and being totally taken with the Teddy zip wire. It is still something I would like to try and create here at Coombe Mill. The pictures are even more enticing this time and I am so glad Daddy got to join in too. Definitely worth the drive, what a great looking day for your trip. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids with your special family day out.


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