comfi Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Review

Trying contact lenses can seem like a daunting experience but lenses have come a long way and are now so comfortable you barely know that you are wearing them.

Contact lenses are the ideal option if you play sports or would prefer to have the option to not wear your glasses at the weekend or for a special occasion .

Both Hubby and my daughter, Abbey, are glasses wearers and like to have the option of wearing contact lenses, but before they tried them, it is essential to attend a specialist contact lens appointment with an optometrist to ensure you get the right lenses for you.

Eye Test

During this appointment the optometrist will:

  • Discuss why you are interested in contact lenses and what you want to use them for – this helps the Optometrist to recommend the most appropriate type of contact lens for you.
  • Check the health of your eye to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for contact lenses
  • Take some measurements to ensure that you are fitted with the right contact lenses
  • Explain which types of contact lens are suitable for your needs
  • Let you try some contact lenses so that you can experience how comfortable they feel. They may even try different types of lens in each eye so that you can assess different brands or options.
  • Check the fit of the lenses and the vision provided by the lenses
  • Ensure that you understand how to use and care for your contact lenses and that you are confident inserting and removing them

Once you have your prescription and know which brand of contact lenses you prefer, you can then shop around for the best deal.

Comfi Contacts

We were invited to try comfi lenses from, the UK’s cheapest online shop for contact lenses.

Comfi Contacts

comfi Lenses

Comfi Contact Lenses

comfi Lenses are the newest daily disposable lens on the market and promise exceptional comfort and performance from the highly affordable lens.

With 58% water content, the lenses keep your eyes moist, refreshed and free from irritation for the entire day, so are perfect if you regularly suffer from dry eye or infections.

Comfi Contact Lenses

The hygienic contact lenses are made from hydrogel, remaining wettable and smooth even in the evening.

The great thing about disposable lenses, is that you can wear them for a full day, then simply throw them away before bed, there’s no need to worry about buying solution and following any extensive cleaning routine.

Comfi Contact Lenses

Hubby was the roadtester for these lenses as Abbey needs more specialist ones as she has an Astigmatism (a problem with how the eye processes light).

Each box contains a blister strip of 5 individual contact lenses, which I did find odd, as surely there should be 6, but you get a months supply with each order, so it all evens out.

The contacts were easy to put in and Hubby felt comfortable all day. In fact we went from being outside in the cold, to the kids swimming lessons in a warm and humid pool and he didn’t have to de-mist his glasses which made a nice change.

Moors Valley

comfi lenses cost just £7.99 for a months supply which is really affordable, plus they offer 10.5% cashback on Top Cashback and offer a student discount too. stock 96% of all lenses and offer next day delivery service as standard. They only sell branded contacts, sourced directly from UK manufacturers, as well as the original branded equivalent of many high street opticians’ own brand lenses, including Specsavers’ easyvision, Boots’ Premium and Vision Express contact lenses and, with their price match guarantee, you can be sure you’re getting the cheapest price in the UK.

Would you consider wearing contact lenses?

Disclaimer: We were sent a months supply of contact lenses to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

14 thoughts on “comfi Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Review

  1. I am using Bausch and Lomb contact lenses they feel better and comfortable. are comfi’s better than Bausch and Lomb?

  2. My hubby has been wearing glasses his whole life. He tried contacts and didnt adjust well to them. Now I realise he may have had the wrong ones.

  3. Linda Hobbis says:

    I am a contact lens wearer but mine are Acuvue daily disposable. I’ve not heard of Comfi but I have really dry eyes so I will check them out.

  4. Rachel says:

    I wore daily contacts for years but in the end went back to glasses, I missed having something on my head and spending hours looking for my specs lol

  5. Stephanie says:

    This is so much cheaper than I thought contact lenses would be. Great post thanks

  6. My mummy wears dailys but only at weekends for swimming and going out and about on adventures. They sound like a good brand to try x

  7. Jenny says:

    I only wear my glasses for a few hours a day so don’t feel the need for contacts.These seem great value though.

  8. Nazrin Miah says:

    The idea of putting something into my eyes scares the living daylights out of me! My best friend has always worn contacts but these were prescribed and I really don’t know how she would do it!

  9. hannah says:

    I wear contact lenses and wear the 30 day ones. I tried daily ones before but didn’t get on with them, thought they were very hard to remove

  10. I wear contact lenses everyday. I find them so convenient.

  11. Emma says:

    I couldn’t even get contact lenses for my prescription until the last few years and now there are so many to choose from, I’ve finally found ones that are comfortable. I tend to get them from my opticians, but perhaps I need to look into other alternatives to save a few pennies.

  12. Jess says:

    Such an informative post I have glasses for occasional wear but if needed them full time would try these for sure

  13. Laura Dove says:

    I wear glasses for a large part of the day but have never tried contact lenses. I keep saying I will try them but never get round to it, I worry about having to touch my eye!!

  14. I’ll share ythis with the Other Half as he wears daily contact lenses. This seems like an excellent price x

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