Christmas Just Got A Whole Lot Special: DIY Gift Ideas For Your Kids!

Christmas Stocking

It’s that time of the year – When giving your kids a present is not just a responsibility, it is an art. On special occasions, we all look for a chance to make loved ones feel extra special about their presence in our life. So when the holy month of Christmas rolls in,  we tend to get a little busy with the gift shopping. While there are countless expensive and cliched gifts available in the market, nothing can beat the delight of an additional and nuanced DIY gift!

After purchasing commercial gifts from your nearest store, we’re here to help you out with some meaningful Christmas presents for the little ones. It’s the appropriate moment to spend time and effort in creating the most well-thought-of Christmas gifts in the UK. So if you want to step up your game this year, then you can try out some amazing DIY gifting ideas. Have a look:

#1 Christmas Coupons Of Love

So.. when you hear the word coupon, what is the first thing that springs to your mind? Discounts, cashback, and stuff that is similar to it? However, imagine if that same coupon turns into a Christmas coupon of love? 

All you have to do is take a piece of paper and make it a coupon for a daytime picnic or a movie night for your kids. A coupon for every month of the year until next Christmas! Your children can use them to spend extra quality time with you. Clever, huh?

Christmas Tree

#2 A Christmas Canvas For Two

You can now give purpose to the artistic juices that are flowing through your veins. Make your DIY gift extraordinary by making the use of canvas. Paint your kid’s favourite cartoon, animal, show, anime, hero. You could even paint Santa bringing them the gift – that is this painting. 

Once that is done, get your kids’ attention and paint with them. We need to get our hands dirty with some paint now and then!

#3 One Bead At A Time

It’s time to reuse all the old jewellery! If you have loose jewellery, then that’s perfect. Otherwise, get the beads and gems from your old earrings and necklaces. What you need – Nylon pliers and soft chains to secure the jewellery. You can make them fun, cool pirate jewellery for instance. Maybe even set up a stall offline or online!

#4 Card Games

Whether it’s UNO or Monopoly – you can make personalised card games with their customised photos to have some fun. Keep it simple so that it can be something that everyone can enjoy playing! 

Pick out photos from their happiest, angriest, embarrassing moments, and compile them. You can also write thoughtful life lessons on the cards. It is also excellent for your children’s cognitive development. Many studies have also suggested that visual stimulation and imaginative drive can be the best for your child while growing up.


#5 Make Numbers Great Again!

Who says that learning Mathematics has to be a drag? You can make an Abacus at home, too. Step One – You need to take aluminium foil paper to make the pillars. Step Two – Roll the foil paper firmly and make about ten columns. Step Three – Use the foil paper itself to make the coils but to make them distinctive use acrylic colours on them. At last, once all of that is done, let it dry and then, teach your kid how to use it! 

P.S – Did you know that for advanced enhancement in logical reasoning, every kid should learn how to use Abacus?

P.P.S- When your kid is done learning, you can give him the Hot Wheels he asked for. 


Alright, you probably began reading this thinking DIY Gifts are way too much effort! And you are right. They can be! But it’s the sort of mushy and admirable effort that goes a long way! You can also involve your child in this process to make the best of your time together. One is only limited by their imagination. Don’t believe us? Ask Santa!

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