Christmas Bedding Sets from JD Williams

Fairisle Stag Brush Cotton blue bundle

Keeping Sebby in his own bed all night has been a challenge ever since he was a baby and he often ends up in our bed, or Kian’s.

We have tried everything to get him to stay in his own bed, with themed bedding with his favourite characters, to Star Wars nightlights but he still goes wandering in the early hours of the morning.

We have been trying to put our figure on why he wakes and the only thing we can think of is that he is cold.

Both Kian and I have brushed cotton bedding sets on our bed this time of year, so when JD Williams offered us a bedding set to review, we decided to get Sebby as set of his own.

He chose the Fairisle Stag Brush Cotton blue bundle which comes with a fitted sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover.

Fairisle Stag Brush Cotton blue bundle

Not to leave Isaac and Eliza out, they each chose a brushed cotton set too, with Isaac opting for the Reindeer Brushed Cotton set and Eliza choosing the Boden Heart set.

Fairisle Stag Brush Cotton blue bundle

All three sets are beautiful and soft and perfectly snuggly for this time of year. They have a Scandi, winter vibe to them and are festive enough to be Christmassy but can still be used throughout the winter months.

Best of all, Sebby is staying in his bed as he is all snuggly and warm!

13 thoughts on “Christmas Bedding Sets from JD Williams

  1. London Mumma says:

    All of these look great and perfect for the festive season.

  2. I absolutely adore getting seasonal bedding sets. We always go for bright and colourful in summer and then festive in Winter. This bedding is so gorgeous. I particularly love the top one. x

  3. Scots2travel says:

    I particularly like the first set with the stage. I’ve a soft spot for anything with stags. Such elegant creatures.

  4. Stephanie says:

    These are such cute little sets, nothing beats a lovely new duvet to snuggle up under!!

  5. Nadia says:

    They are really lovely and festive! I would love to get bedding like this for Caspian’s room.

  6. Justine says:

    Fantastic that Sebby is now staying in bed.I’m a big fan of brushed cotton myself.

  7. Anosa says:

    I love themed beddings and often pick up a couple around this time of year normally reindeer ones

  8. Sonia Cave says:

    Unsurprisingly I love a Scandi item living in Sweden, so I adore all of these. I am also very keen on fair isle so I may be investigating a little further into these sets!!

  9. Helen says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this (not that he’s cold and likes to go roaming in the early hours)! I haven’t bought Christmas bedding, but every year I see more and more of it on blogs, and I want some! Yours is particularly lovely, and I’d really consider buying it. *Starts shopping.*

  10. Claire says:

    These are beautiful. I keep thinking about buying some new Christmas bedding. Love these ones 🙂

  11. I would love Christmas bedding for me and also for Erin. I think she’d love it.

  12. Ooh this is the first year I have bought Christmas bedding! I can’t wait to get it on!

  13. Mary Abbott says:

    I love them, especially the bauble one! Maybe we will get festive bedding one year!

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