Childs Farm launches NEW ‘Nappy cream for happy bottoms’

Childs Farm

Award-winning British brand Childs Farm is delighted to announce the addition of a NEW Nappy cream for happy bottoms to their barn of bath, hair & body products. The Nappy cream is 98% natural, fragrance free cream with soothing aloe to moisturise and hydrate.

As with the entire Childs Farm collection, Nappy cream for happy bottoms is suitable for newborns and upwards, and is mild, kind and safe for all skin types, including sensitive and eczema prone skin.

In a recent independent user trial, 98% of parents of babies with eczema said they would recommend Childs Farm to other parents with babies with eczema.
Nappy cream for happy bottoms contains softening and hydrating shea butter and cocoa seed butter to prevent dehydration, and anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera to further help prevent rashes.

The key to preventing sore bottoms and Nappy Rash is through cleanliness and moisturisation. Infection occurs when skin is dehydrated and skin cells become limp, opening up gaps between them thus allowing germs to get underneath the protective outer stratum corneum.

The range has undergone independent clinical trials which enable the brand to make the following unique claims:

Suitable for eczema prone skin
Suitable for newborns and upwards
Dermatologically tested and approved, and paediatrician approved.

We have been using this with Sebastian who is teething at the moment and has had a bit of a sore bottom.  It soothed the sore patch within 24 hours and I was really impressed by how quickly it worked and I am still using it to keep any irritation at bay.

All Childs Farm products contain natural & organic ingredients but AVOID parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours and SLSs.

Nappy Cream for Happy Bottoms, 100ml £3.85, is available in selected Boots UK stores nationwide,, and


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