Child Safety Week


One in four parents would like to see more information on child safety according to latest research by Lindam. Today, the UK’s number one child safety brand announced results from a survey commissioned with Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest website for parents, to raise awareness of attitudes into child safety in the home.

Although a large number of Brits would suggest they are confidently clued-up when it comes to safety knowledge, this new research suggests many remain on the lookout for more information to help understand the products and devices needed to adapt their homes effectively.

The report shows only 37% of people are aware of a few safety products and devices available on the market, with some saying they don’t think about including safety products and devices in their home until their baby starts to crawl (34%). For the confident among us, safety products had been agreed upon, and installed by our partner (44%) with two in ten installations being a joint effort.

With pressures continuing to surface from consumers in and around the socially savvy world, it appears there may be more than just a lack of available information playing on the minds of safety searchers in the UK. Barriers such as cost (50%), fears of being too over-cautious (49%) and the way the product looked when installed in the house (13%) also contributed to reluctance. Friends and grandparents are a concern too with 69% of parents’ worrying about their child’s safety when they are at a friend’s/relative’s house due to uncertainty about levels of safety measures being as adequate as their own.

“We conducted the survey in order to raise awareness of attitudes into child safety in the home, the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented’ said Lindam Marketing Director (EMEA) Matthew Wilson.

“Children develop faster than we are often prepared for, and new parents in particular feel a greater pressure to ensure their home is made a safe environment for adventure-seeking tots. We know that nothing can compete with supervision but it’s also perhaps unrealistic to think that any parent can do this all of the time and opportunity for accidents can occur. Child Safety Week 2014 is an opportunity to raise awareness of child-prone accidents and how best to avoid them from happening in homes around the UK.”

“We know that 6 out of 10 parents purchase a child safety/stair gate.** When you think about the risk stairs specifically pose to children, this is a surprisingly low figure just emphasising how important Child Safety Week can be in raising awareness of the risks in the home.”

Lindam is the UK’s number one safety brand – offering a range of products designed and developed through extensive research. Manufactured to EN standards, Lindam gates now are also backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee. For further information on the range of products to help make your home ‘childproof’ this child safety week, visit or the Lindam Facebook page

Key regional findings:
• Parents in Scotland are the most prepared with over one quarter (26%) thinking about installing safety products in the home before the baby was born
• Parents in Scotland appear to be the most knowledgeable about safety products with over one in four (46%) aware of some products. Only 8% of parents across the country are fully aware of all types of safety products/devices available to them
• Mums in the south west are most likely to rope in their partners to fit safety gates with over half (52%) calling on their ‘skills’! While in the south east, almost one quarter (23%) see the fitting of safety gates as a joint effort
• Over half (51%) of parents in the Midlands find the appearance of safety gates and other products an important factor when purchasing these. This is the highest percentage across the UK
• The majority of parents have installed safety gates at the top and bottom of their stairs. Parents in the south east are most likely to see the importance of installing safety gates to separate the kitchen with over one in four (46%) doing so and over one in three (31%) of parents in Scotland using a safety gate to prevent children from getting into potential hazards in the bathroom
• 69% of all parents worry about their child’s safety when they are a friend or relative’s house. The most anxiety appears to take place in the Midlands, London or south west regions with 70% or more parents concerned about safety when in someone else’s home

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