Chicken Pox has landed!!

Chicken Pox

Having had 6 children, our family is very familiar with childhood diseases and the treatments that help and the ones that don’t.

Chicken Pox was last in the house in September 2012 when Eliza caught it and subsequently passed it onto Isaac, who suffered very badly.

At this point Sebastian wasn’t around, so each time it has gone round nursery I have been expecting him to pick it up, but he managed to avoid it every time.

Poor Sebby has been ill on and off since Christmas, struggling with coughs, colds and was prescribed antibiotics last week, for an ear infection, so I know he is rundown. When I heard that chicken pox was going around his class, I knew he was bound to catch it and lo and behold, when I put him in the bath on Friday, his first spots started to appear.


Chickenpox is a common illness that mainly affects children and causes an itchy, spotty rash with the symptoms starting one to three weeks after becoming infected.

The main symptom is a rash that develops in three stages:

  • spots – red raised spots develop on the face or chest before spreading to other parts of the body
  • blisters – over the next few hours or the following day, very itchy fluid-filled blisters develop on top of the spots
  • scabs and crusts – after a further few days, the blisters dry out and scab over to form a crust; the crusts then gradually fall off by themselves over the next week or two

Chickenpox is contagious until all the blisters have scabbed over, which usually happens about five or six days after the rash appears so I am hoping Sebby will be all clear by the time half term comes around.

How are we treating chickenpox this time round?


We swore by Virasoothe Gel last time chickenpox was in the house, but Sebastian really doesn’t like the gel, so we have been using PoxClin which is a fun mousse that absorbs into the skin instantly and contains a unique bioactive bacterial blocker for an effective treatment to sooth the itch, to recondition the skin and to help prevent scar tissue formation.

After a week of taking antibiotics, he really isn’t keen on having oral medicine but anti-histamines really help with the itch and make him drowsy so he has at least one dose before bed so he can get some much-needed rest. We have found having a sticker chart makes taking his medicine easier as we have promised a treat once he is better.

Sticker chart

Sebby is also having a daily bath and I am using Bicarbonate of Soda in it, which seems to be working for us, however a friend is swearing by an oat infused bath for her little one who is also suffering.

It is recommended that you try to avoid public places whilst contagious, as others may catch the virus, which can be dangerous – especially to those who are pregnant or have a weak immune system, however, I find getting outside can be beneficial as outdoor play and fresh air helps takes his mind off the itch and helps him to sleep better so we enjoyed a short walk and some puddle jumping locally, yesterday.

Puddle Jumping

The rest of the time he spent snuggled under his favourite blanket, demanding drinks and grapes be brought to his side!!

Chicken Pox

Good job he is cute, even if he is a spotty dotty!!

Have your kids had chicken pox – what treatments worked for you?

P.S. The gorgeous photo blanket is from Bags of Love and I have one to giveaway over on Are We Nearly There Yet?

9 thoughts on “Chicken Pox has landed!!

  1. My daughter is yet to get this, but I absolutely love your tips and I’m 100% bookmarking this page to come back to when Evie gets it. x

  2. Nadine says:

    What a sweetheart 🙂 I remember when I had chicken pox, it was no fun at all. I hope he will feel better soon and will also be done with colds and coughs for the year! X

  3. Laura says:

    Oh poor thing but at least you know what to expect and have everything you need on hand. Hope he is feeling back to his normal self soon

    Laura x

  4. steph says:

    I got chicken pox and was so upset I wouldn’t be able to go to a spice girls concert. Luckily they scabbed over fast! I hope my two little ones get it before they start school.x

  5. Stephanie says:

    Ah my twins had it when they were 8months old and it was terrible. These products sound good for it and I hope the spots calm down soon

  6. I had chicken pox as an adult. It wasn’t pleasant at all.

  7. Talya says:

    I remember having chicken pox and it being a total nightmare. That being the case I actually ended up vaccinating our daughter against it which I know is a bit controversial but I felt like it was the right thing to do for us.

  8. Ohh, I remember the time when I had a chicken pox, we don’t any cure before. Haha! Glad that in our time now, there already available treatments for this.

  9. Jon says:

    I remember I got chicken pox at the same time my parents found out I was allergic to Blackcurrent.. .I looked a right mess lol

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