Celebrating the new royal baby with jewellery brand Kestia

With the arrival of the new royal baby boy in mind, the psychology-based Kestia brand, offers advice to parents on easing the introduction of a new baby to potentially jealous siblings!

Stress moments within family life can be eased, according to psychology research, by tangible symbols of connection that resonate with children.  Kestia, a new lifestyle brand, launching with a fine jewellery range created by experienced psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni and entrepreneur Donna Gosling, took this as part of the brand’s inspiration and purpose.  Kestia launches this year with a range of jewellery for all the family, designed around the concept of the elephant which prioritises kinship bonds – and who never forgets.

So, with the arrival of the new royal baby boy and the potential for natural feelings of sibling displacement and rivalry, Kestia is able to play a role in supporting and reassuring all children who are anticipating a new arrival in the family.  The Kestia jewellery range of ‘Remember Me’ bracelets and necklaces have been designed to help parents show their child that they are still kept-in-mind.

Gaynor Sbuttoni, Educational Psychologist and Kestia’s Co-Founder, comments “We know from research that children, especially the very young, can take great comfort from tangible objects given to them.  Our range allows the parent to select a character from our Kestia Kin or Elephant ranges and present it with meaning to a sibling from them – at the moment of the new baby’s arrival. There are also pieces which show the child they are in their parents’ mind at all times like our ‘Don’t forget the Siblings Keyring’ – which is something that the parent keeps with them.”

“We all know, elephants never forget and that their family communities are priority. So, for an anxious child to have a keepsake in the form of an elephant charm from their precious parents to take with them wherever they are – can be greatly reassuring.”  Donna continues “Kestia Kin characters can be used to represent each child in the family.  This shows siblings that parents are able to love more than one child equally and simultaneously.”

Kestia shares 7 top tips to help ease the moment when a new baby is presented to the existing siblings to make it a joyful moment and minimise anxiety and potential feelings of jealously.

  • Put siblings first. Introduce the baby to the siblings before anybody else.  Welcome the baby sympathetically by introducing the siblings immediately to bring them together.  Verbalise what the baby might say and encourage grandparents and visitors to talk to the siblings first. Enjoy being reunited with your existing child with lots of hugging and kissing!
  • Give the baby to the sibling.  Once settled allow the older child to hold the baby (under supervision).  Bonding through touch and smell early on will help them both bond and you are showing the older child that you trust them, all the while verbalising the possible conversation between the baby and sibling.
  • Define each existing sibling’s special role.  Make sure each child knows that they have a particular, special position within the family.  Articulate and celebrate that particular trait that makes them so precious to the family and will be the attribute that the baby will love them for.
  • Stick to routines.  Children thrive when they know the boundaries and they need routines.  At this time more than ever, you will need to show that life for the child will go on as normal.  So, bath-time and bedtime should continue as it was – with all the usual attention they get like bedtime story telling.
  • Don’t worry about negative comments. Siblings may say negative things about the new baby such as “He or she will have to go!” Simply admit that it is hard to get used to having a new baby in the house and that there are many changes for the whole family.  Reiterate that there is nothing that can ever change how much you love the sibling – and don’t feel the need to force the issue by insisting that they do really love their baby sister or brother.  Approaching the situation in this way will help to minimise feelings of jealously – and their love for the baby will evolve with time!
  • Encourage empathy.  When parents encourage older siblings to see the baby as a real person, with their own feelings they are likely to be more affectionate and protective of the baby. So verbalising what both baby and siblings may be feeling can be useful.
  • Give your child a keepsake to let them know they are always kept-in-mind.  Select a precious gift for your existing child or children that is presented to them as something special from their loving parents that they can keep with them wherever they are.  Jewellery works particularly well at this moment since it can be worn.

The Kestia range is a collection of stylish, contemporary pieces including bracelets, necklaces, key rings and remembrance mementos, for people to give to each other as a tangible way of showing the important role they play in each other’s lives.  Kestia is there at key life stages, from birth through to the final separation of death, and aims to help people celebrate life whilst coping with sad and stressful times. The Kestia range currently includes the Birth Collection, the Family Collection, the Friendship Collection, the Separation Collection and the Loss Collection.  Discover more at www.kestia.com .

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